Everything We Know So Far About The Glorious Odin Gaming Mouse

by Will

Everything We Know So Far About The Glorious Odin Gaming Mouse

by Will

by Will

Not content with merely sourcing the PC gaming world with mechanical keyboards and oversized mouse pads, purveyor of high quality, yet affordable gaming accessories, PC Gaming Race, is diving head-on into producing its first gaming mouse, aptly named the Glorious Odin.

Although PC Gaming Race is keeping its proverbial cards close to the chest, we’ve pulled together everything known so far about a mouse that is, going by the irreverent marketing adopted by the company, set to challenge the wares of established competitors.

The questionable PC master race leanings of the manufacturer aside, the Glorious Odin promises to deliver a product clamoured for by gamers for some time. How this translates into playability and real-world functionality remains to be seen. If anything, the Glorious Odin may be the wake-up call mouse manufacturers need to stop the increasingly pervasive trend of offering inferior products at extortionate prices.

With that in mind, what’s the Glorious Odin all about and what can we expect?


To best understand what PC Gaming Race is hoping to achieve with the Glorious Odin, a quick look at the mouse’s marketing blurb provides a pretty cut and dry summary: ‘’Our research is done. We are now entering the Gaming Mouse market. No more overpriced garbage.’’ As you can see, the company is eager to put forward a subversive take on the gaming mouse focused on quality and affordability over corporate bottom lines.


Most noticeably, the Glorious Odin has an uncanny resemblance to the Finalmouse’s line of ostensibly elite mice, especially in the weight reducing perforated honeycomb style holes that adorn the top of the mouse. Otherwise, the shape isn’t anything too revolutionary and is well within customary mouse proportions.

The Glorious Odin will be available in either matte or glossy black and white with a stylized logo of everyone’s favourite bearded Norse god, and the mouse’s namesake, Odin, stamped on the left side. In a clever design touch, his lush locks follow the contour of the mouse’s natural curve.


glorious odin gaming mouse

The Glorious Odin weighs a feathery 69 grams and features PC Gaming Race’s proprietary take on the lightweight paracord, the CE-approved ascended ultra-flexible cord. Additionally, the Odin is supported by a set of high-quality G-Skates premium mouse feet, which do raise the overall weight by an extra 1 to 2 grams but in exchange for durability and stability. The combination of these features hints at one speedy mouse – another core tenet of PC Gaming Race’s aspirations.

Functionality wise, the Odin has two classic left and right buttons, a scroll wheel, a set of two programmable side buttons and what appears to be a DPI switcher on the top. No details yet on the actual DPI count.

PC Gaming Race is touting the Odin as ambidextrous. At launch, the mouse will be available in one size, with plans to release an array of shapes and sizes moving forward. The company is ambitiously striving to create a variant of the Glorious Odin to suit the needs of all gamers.

16.8 million colour RGB strips bedeck both sides of the mouse, while the circular trim of the scroll wheel also gets the RGB treatment.

As is standard fare these days, the sensor is more than likely of the optical variety although this remains an educated guess rather than cemented fact.

Release Date and Price

The Glorious Odin was initially pencilled in to hit store shelves by the end of 2018. As it stands, PC Gaming Race has provided a suitably vague release window of Q1 2019, meaning an announcement is imminent, be it a firm release date or further delays.

The Glorious Odin will sell at a starting price of $49.99 (approximately £40.00). To date, PC Gaming Race has announced one of four models, the Glorious Model O. The common consensus is that the remaining three will be named the Model D, Model I, and Model N, which when combined with the Model O spell out O.D.I.N. The unannounced models will cost more, but offer coating variations for those that way inclined.

PC Gaming Race Mouse Bungee

As a side note, it appears PC Gaming Race will also be releasing a mouse bungee alongside their new Glorious Model O gaming mouse. Whilst there are a few choices when it comes to mouse bungees, having an extra, from a company such as this will definitely be well received. The news comes from one of the official representatives over on a Reddit post here.