DBD crossplay – Dead By Daylight crossplay guide

How to survive Dead by Daylight against PC and console Killers

dbd crossplay

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Developed by Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight has fast become a favourite hub for survival horror game fans, especially now that the game is playable across every major platform. However, DBD crossplay functionality is limited, with mobile gamers excluded from the blood-soaked mayhem available to those in the PC and console crossplay camp.

Given the asymmetric style of multiplayer gameplay that Dead by Daylight encapsulates, crossplay between consoles and PC is an exciting aspect to the game. Since DBD is a team survival game, the ability to connect with friends across all consoles and PC is a massive boon. The only downside to it is that, unfortunately, mobile devices are not included in the crossplay fun. Android and iOS gamers can play together, but you will need to play on console or PC in order to enjoy the game with the bulk of the 25 million-strong playerbase. 

DBD crossplay: How to connect with friends on PC and other consoles:

To play with your friends on PC and across other consoles (PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Switch) all you have to do is make sure you all have the same version of the game installed, then go to your Dead by Daylight friends list. Click on the add a friend icon and search for your friends DBD ID –  it’s as simple as that. Once you’re all set, get ready for you and your friends to scare each other half to death in this game that’s as fun as it is terrifying.  

Dead By Daylight boasts a wealth of downloadable content including many  favourite characters from film, TV, and horror videogame franchises. A Resident Evil DLC chapter was released back in June, for example, and Hellraiser’s famous Cenobite was just announced as the latest character to join the Killer roster. With new DLC being released at an impressive rate, the 2016 game manages to stay remarkably fresh. 

The game follows the classic cat and mouse trope whereby four players are the Survivors and the fifth plays the Killer. The Survivors must rebuild a number of generators in order to open an  escape portal, but of course doing so  creates  a noise that will alert the Killer to your location. Once the Killer finds you it’s all hands on deck to save yourself and get away before they tear you limb from limb with their unique skill set. Obviously it’s best to try and avoid the Killer all together, if you can, that is.