D&D Dark Alliance Catti-brie Build

Here is a quick guide to building Catti-brie as an elementalist archer for solo and co-op in Dark Alliance

Dark Alliance Catti-brie build
Catti-brie is the archer hero that is a great team and solo class to play Dark Alliance. Image via Wizards of the Coast.

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Dungeons and Dragon Dark Alliance is the latest D&D universe game to launch for PC and consoles. With the game launching on June 22, gamers have flocked to the new coop / single-player adventure. One of the four characters you can play in the game is an Archer named Cattie-brie. For those looking to complete their first playthrough of the game as the Archer, here is a Dark Alliance Catti-brie build to accompany you on your journey.

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Base Stats and Stat Progression

Like in D&D 5th edition, every character has a base template of stats to operate from. As the game progresses, you’ll be able to allocate points as you level up through the game’s playthrough. For Cattie-brie, here base stats are as follows.


When selecting your first character,  you’ll see every character’s name, their class based on 5e rules and their stats. For Cattie-brie, she is considered a fighter, with her primary weapon being a bow. Therefore, she is the only viable ranged character among all the other classes and characters in the game. Meanwhile, she is also a supportive character, with a personal and team-wide heal. Therefore, she is an ideal self-starter character too.

But how does her stat progression work? Well, she will primarily want to focus on her Dexterity as a primary stat. Dexterity in Dark Alliance is a modifier for physical crit strike and crit damage. As the ranged damage dealer, the critical stat modifiers are highly desirable, and therefore it is the main stat you’ll want to apply attribute points to.

Solo and Coop Stat Builds

Solo: Dexterity > Constitution > Intelligence

Co-op: Dexterity > Intelligence > Constitution

Depending on if you are playing Dark Alliance solo or in co-op, you’ll want to alter your Dark Alliance Catti-brie build accordingly.

If you’re playing solo, then Constitution is a much more attractive attribute. The reason why is because you’ll naturally rely more on Constitution to survive epic battles. By nature of playing solo, you’ll have to get into melee more, which will also reflect your moves. It, unfortunately, means that you’ll take a bigger beating than intended. On the other hand,  having a friend play a melee character will mean they’ll more than likely take the brunt of the enemies in the game. While this is helpful, you’ll still want to put some attribute points into Constitution to avoid a glass-cannon playstyle, especially for a boss battle.

Meanwhile, the other major attribute for your build is Intelligence. Intelligence increases the power of your magical and elemental skills. Taking Intelligence is important because Cattie-brie has a few elemental skills, such as Arcane Arrows and her Healing Spirit Ultimate Ability. Both are moves and ultimates you’ll want in your build, regardless of coop or solo-play. However, if you are in Coop it becomes more relevant for AOE damage and the party heal.

Archer Ultimate Ability, Moves, and Feats

Catti-brie Heartseeker Volley Move
Heartseeker Volley is a powerful AOE ability, with strong buffs built-in. Image via Wizards of the Coast.

The two abilities you want to use are the Healing Sprit and Heartseeker Volley. Healing Spirit leaves a golden ring on the floor, which both you and your coop parters can use to regain HP. On the other hand, Heartseeker Volley is a magical AOE ability, that inflicts slow on the enemies affected by it. Furthermore, Allies that stand inside the ability Improved Critical and Precision Strikes, increasing your overall DPS output. Both of these abilities are fantastic and are useful regardless of solo or coop play.

On the other hand, the ultimate ability to want is Arcane Arrows. The ability is a line ability, that continues to hit enemies until its range expires. As the name suggests, the arrow also deals elemental damage, which means it receives buffs of Intelligence and elemental moves.


Rising Kick Dark Alliance Move
Rising Kick is a great melee move, which adds an extra ranged attack to synergize with your build. Image via izards of the Coast.

Moves in Dark Alliance are how you express your character’s playstyle. As you level up, you’ll unlock more moves, allowing you to pick and chose them at will. However, we recommend the following moves in our Dark Alliance Catti-brie build:

  • Full Roundhouse – stuns a monster for a short time and has a 25% chance to grant Elemental Adept.
  • Rising Kick – A kick that may somersault a mob in the air. Furthermore, the ability unlocks Vertical Sting Down, which is another toxic elemental damage and has a chance to reduce cooldowns by 2%.
  • Kick Diver – A melee tackle ability, useful flooring enemies or getting out of melee range. Also, it has a 60% chance to grant precision strikes, a 40% chance to activate Powerful Strikes and a 45% chance to reduce cooldowns by 6%.
  • Viper Fang Kick – A melee move that refills ultimate bar and a 50% chance to grant Cleaving and Elemental Adept.
  • Resurrection – Only take this if you plan on playing co-op, as it is a waste of move unlocks otherwise.


There are three feat trees available for cattie-brie are the Cunning, Archer, and Longstrider trees. The Archer is the DPS focused tree, which has talents that the physical damage and reduce. The Feats ideal for this Dark Alliance Catti-brie Build are:

  • Stalker – 5% Physical Damage increase
  • Martial Adept – 10% Physical Power bonus on melee attacks and moves.
  • Piercing Arrow – 10% Physical Damage Bonus for Charged Arrows.
  • Horde Breaker – 15% physical Damage bonus when fighting 3 enemies within 20meters.
  • Quick Draw – 15% Cooldown Reduction.
  • Piercing Shot – 40% critical Damage from Arrows.
  • Sharpshooter – 15% Critical Chance on Arrows.


After that, you can venture into the Cunning tree to acquire the stamina increase perks and cooldown reduction to maximise your ability potential. Please note that you’ll still need to take stamina potions, as the build will use a lot of stamina to function properly.

This concludes our Dark Alliance Catti-brie Build. We hope you understand the core of how to play this character, which will ultimately aid you in deciding what items you want to use as and when you acquire them.

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