Red Bull Flick announced for 2021

Red Bull Flick
The Red Bull Flick Returns for 2021, with control point game modes and futuristic maps. Image via Red Bull.

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Red Bull, the energy drink company, has announced another venture into the CSGO competitive sphere. The company will host the 2021 iteration of its successful 2020 Flick tournament, which pits two on two gameplay, with a final to determine the best Wingman team.

Red Bull Flick is returning for 2021 with a futuristic twist and brand new custom maps. The event is open to players worldwide and will see skilled duos battle it out in national tournaments and international online qualifiers. Red Bull Flick 2021 will comprise national tournaments in more than 30 countries and international online qualifiers open to all. Those good enough to make it have the opportunity to challenge actual CSGO pros in the official pro-am competition, the Red Bull Flick Invitational, Helsinki.


Are OG one of the team’s get involved due to their Red Bull Sposnorhsip?


This year’s Red Bull Flick uses a capture points game mode, with each duo fighting for the map’s control. This will be the first time that a narrative of this kind, along with themed maps and content, has been incorporated into a Red Bull event. It is not unusual to see this type of content, with the BLAST Premier tournaments having custom BLAST maps for show matches. 

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For Red Bull Flick 2021, G2’s Nikola “NiKo” Kovač will join as the official Red Bull Flick Brand Ambassador.NiKo will give fans expert insight and commentary on the top plays of the tournament. There is no better candidate, as he is one of the most hype fraggers in the world. The star player has stand out ratings on G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, and on mousesports, T1 teams he has competed on during his career.

Last year’s 2020 Red Bull Flick Pro EU Invitational saw exciting upsets and incredible duos from Team Vitality, BIG Clan, ENCE and G2. The storyline for the event had Team Germany emerging victorious over Team Vitality’s duo of Kévin “⁠misutaaa⁠” Rabier and the 2020’s best player in the world, Mathieu “⁠ZywOo⁠” Herbaut.

Along with the event’s announcement, the event has also partnered with hardware and peripheral companies to promote the event. SteelSeries is the headlining partner of the Flick, providing headsets, keyboards and mice to players. Additionally, AOC, returns as the Official Monitor Partner for the event, aiding with the supply of monitors when needed.Those interested in competing in the event can express their interest in the first qualifier on the FACEIT platform. Furthermore, Red Bull will keep those interested in spectating and following the event through their website.

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