ESL Pro League announces RFP scheme to potentially expand future Leagues

ESL Pro league
The ESL Pro League could expand its partner teams even more for EPL 14 and beyond. Image via ESL Gaming

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ESL Pro League, one of the world’s biggest esports leagues has announced it aims to expand the size of future EPLs. The new initiative will allow teams more opportunities to get involved with ESL’s major franchised event.

The new initiative is a Request for Proposals process for organizations and teams looking to get involved with the EPL. The RFP aims to make way for new teams that are worthy of getting partnered for the ESL Pro League Season 14 and beyond. 

ESL Pro League is one of ESL Gaming’s most attractive tournaments. In 2020, the organization made huge changes to the league, bringing in select teams to compete, with reward shares, ESL Pro Tour incentives and more.

While the execution was not ideal, with the COVID-19 Pandemic causing issues for the event’s logistics, it still broke records. The 2021 event is currently underway, with Group A already partway through its group stage. The new event takes place over the course of six weeks, with room for group stages and a double-elimination playoff bracket for teams pathing to the Finals.

Based on the current projects and realities, the EPL Season 12 managed to exceed expectations. The Louvre Commissioners Office had its expectations shattered with a bigger than an anticipated revenue stream, reaching six figures USD according to the commission.

Alex Inglot, the ESL Pro League Commissioner, said: “There was genuine trepidation about whether these lofty goals could be met in this new landscape, this new reality. But the year ended with us exceeding those seven-digit guarantees by nearly 20% and with each of our member teams walking away with six figures USD of fresh revenue. There were a few raised eyebrows! And with our minimum guarantees set to more than double over the next two years, we are in a very strong and credible position, as are our existing member teams”.

According to the Louvre Commissioners Office, the project is a huge aim for several teams from around the world. With the growth of the league, there is room for even more teams to get involved. So far, 15 teams have reached out regarding them getting involved with the ESL Pro League, showing great interest in the league.

For these reasons, the Louvre Commissioners Office deems it right to consider expanding the EPL, ultimately allowing more teams, thus potentially creating a bigger event. The opportunity is there for teams growing on the outside of the pre-established big teams to make their way into the EPL as an official member team.

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