How to kick bots in CS:GO

You can use the command console to kick bots amongst many other things.

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When it comes to matchmade or competitive games, CS:GO players are fortunate enough to have a system that allows players on teams to vote to kick other players if the decision reaches enough votes.

This is a helpful aspect to the game that has been incorporated by Valve to prevent certain players from ruining the moods or games of other players; sometimes you will get matched up with someone else who is a complete troll or a noob. 

In any case, you can vote to kick them and they will instead be replaced with a bot that can be controlled upon its death and by another teammate who is also dead in the round.

The process is very simple and as mentioned earlier, requires a majority vote for the decision to be passed. Here is how to propose the vote to kick an annoying teammate.

How to kick a teammate in CS:GO


  • Press the Caps Lock button to activate the vote. Or press Esc, choose in the left menu the Call Vote button, and press Kick Player.
  • In the menu, choose the player you want to kick.
  • Your teammates will see the vote and will be able to participate with their F1 or F2 buttons.


To vote to kick a teammate, you do not need to use the command console. But to kick bots, you cannot do this via the game settings and you will need to enter a command into the console to activate this action.

Bots are very useful for both new and experienced players as they can be utilized well for practising many things in order to improve different aspects of your gameplay. New players can use bots to learn different maps and to practice their gun skills, as there are many guns available in CS:GO and each of these weapons have a unique spray pattern.

On the other hand, experienced players may want to use bots to practice map callouts, grenade lineups or other specific in-game tricks that they will need to perfect when playing competitive matches. In general, the usage of bots is available in the game for a reason and they can be very useful if used in the right ways.

Bots may be added in the multiplayer game as well - to complete the team, for example. But then, you might decide to get rid of the AI soldiers. So, how do you kick bots in CS:GO?

How to kick bots in CS:GO

Use the console commands:


  • bot_kick - all the bots will be kicked from the game;
  • bot_kick ct - kick all Counter-Terrorist bots;
  • bot_kick t - kick all Terrorist bots;
  • mp_limitteams 1 - bots will not join the game

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