New CoD leaks hint to a new WW2 era game

CoD Leaks WW2
The 2021 iteration of the CoD Franchise could return to WW2 again. Image via Activision.

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The 2021 instalment of the Call of Duty franchise is rumoured to be set in the Second World War, based on new CoD leaks. CoD fans believe this could be true due to known CoD leaker Victor Z and the report from ModernWarzone detail the potential for another WW2 title.

Recent leaks detail that the next CoD game could potentially be CoD WWII: Vanguard. The title appears to be a placeholder codename, which can later be named something more specific. This leak is just one of a few leaks to come out for the game. One of the more prominent leakers, Victor Z, hinted at a potential leak in February of the game focusing on WW2. With the two in synergy, it could potentially indicate the titles once again going back in time.

The report also mentions that Sledgehammer Games is the developer for the next title. Sledgehammer Games has so far developed two titles, Advanced Warfare and CoD WW2 It could potentially mean that Sledgehammer is continuing on with the themes of the era by making an expansion to the game.

Whether the game connects the stories is uncertain. CoD has done that before, with the storylines from CoD 4 and Modern Warfare 2 telling a tale, but the later generations have had mismatched stories. Furthermore, this CoD may not even have a story mission, as Blops 4 never received one. Previous leaks have also mentioned the possibility of going to the 1950’s which features the Korean War, which technically kicked off before the end of WW2, with a series of mini conflicts and a grander war between two parties.

There is no real way of determining whether the validity of the leaks. Activision will release the information on the new Call of Duty. In 2020, Black Ops Cold War was revealed in August 2020, at the same time, Gamescom was on. It is more than likely we’ll get the full details around then for the new CoD.