CoD Warzone trophy honours Dallas Empire in Verdansk

CoD Warzone Trophy
The Call of Duty League 2020 trophy is digitised with the Dallas Empire award present in Verdansk Stadium. Image via Activision.

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On May 9th, Call of Duty Warzone unveiled a new feature on its map. The Verdansk Stadium is now the home to the Call of Duty League Virtual trophy, with the Dalles Empire immortalized in-game. The CoD Warzone Trophy is viewable for all those who enter the Stadium.

The new Trophy introduction is the first time that Activision has honoured esport athletes across its various Call of Duty titles. Dallas Empire’s logo will rest at the base of the statue. Meanwhile, massive banners featuring the portraits and names of its 2020 championship-winning roster will appear above the Verdansk Stadium entrance.

Ahead of the trophy dropping on live servers on May 10, the CoD Warzone trophy was previewed, with the Dalles Empire getting a sneak peek on stream. It is certainly an interesting way of honouring the players and the team. As it stands, there is currently no news if the CoD Warzone trophy will update at the end of every CoD League season, or etch a new name or create a trophy cabinet as the seasons go on.

The Dalles Empire won the 2020 season as the favourites for the trophy. The roster lifted the real-life trophy at the end of 2020, becoming the first-ever Champions of the new franchised CoD League. 

The crossover between the two titles is described as a one of a kind for Activision. Although, games like League of Legends feature the banner of the winning team in-game, with miniature trophies from Worlds on Summoner’s Rift and skins hand-picked by the players with their organization’s colours. Still, it’s pretty cool, nonetheless.

For those interested in Call of Duty League content, the Major V is up soon. The event is a 12 team tournament, with half a million in dollars up in the prize pool. Players who watch the event on YouTube can sign up and connect their Activision accounts to get exclusive items for watching.