Zombies Return In Call Of Duty Mobile Season 6

Undead game.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6
Last time Season 6 was cowboys, so this one has a lot to compete with.

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As Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: The Heat approaches, Activision Blizzard has been teasing several new and returning changes to the massively popular game.

In the newest community update (which was lengthy and accompanied a new trailer) the post explained that they were still looking into content that does not fit into the multiplayer or battle royale model, explaining that they were working on a large piece of new content.

“We aren’t able to make sweeping Battle Royale changes as often and quickly as Multiplayer, but be rest assured they are still coming on top of a significant piece of new content that doesn’t quite fit into the BR or MP frameworks. While our seasons may be fast and dropping every month, these big content changes are tied only to the larger updates that land every two seasons.”

Zombie Hordes

Near the end of 2019, CoD Mobile added a much welcomed Zombies mode. This was a surprise as that game type is typically reserved for Black Ops entries in the series and 1980s espionage thriller and next-gen launch title Black Ops Cold War was still almost a year away.

The mode was short lived however and was removed at the end of March 2020 after not reaching the level of quality expected by the developer. This was disappointing to eager fans, as they had announced a second map called Nacht Der Untoten which has since remained unreleased.

CoD Mobile developer TiMi Studios ultimately responded to fan outcry by explaining that the map and game mode may return in the future after more work has been done. It seems like they’re happy with how things have gone, as a new Undead Siege mode has now been confirmed.

In Undead Siege, players must survive wave after wave of undead attackers on the now abandoned Battle Royale map. They’ll be scavenging for supplies and equipment while the zombies sleep during the day and fighting for their lives at night. Players that grind out this scary situation can unlock the Zombified Tank Dempsey Operator Skin reward to use in all modes.

Also expected in Season 6 alongside new spins on classic maps Slums and Stack are new weapons and new operator skills. They will of course arrive alongside a new battle pass that will contain characters and weapon skins that will reward players for all of the time they put in.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: The Heat launches on July 31. If you’re interested in other mobile games, Pokémon Unite will be launching on mobile in September. Here’s how we think the characters stack up against each other in our tier list.