Activision announce CoD Mobile World Championship 2021

CoD Mobile World Championship 2021
Activision has revealed that the CoD Mobile World Championship is returning for 2021. Image via Activision.

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Activision, the publishers of the Call of Duty series has announced it is bringing back the CoD Mobile World Championship 2021. The event returns on June 3, with eligible players earning their way through Ranked Mode can earn in-game rewards and shares of $2 million USD.

The CoD Mobile WC will take place across many regions, accessible to all players who achieve the eligible rank. Every player must compete in Solo Play, aiming to earn 60 points in 10 matches across any of the four Solo Play is live. The qualifiers for the opening of the CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 are separated through each region, meaning North American, Europen, and other regional players will initially compete against their own server to qualify.

From there, players will then gain access to tournaments, which they can use to propel themselves to a CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 seed through the many different regional events. Those who make it to the official events of the tournament will use the Sony Xperia 1 III, which is the sponsored phone of the event. Prior to this, players looking to qualify can use any mobile or tablet to compete.

“The momentum worldwide for Call of Duty: Mobile is incredible as our players continue to have a great time playing,” said Matt Lewis, vice president, mobile at Activision. “Picking up from last year’s competition, we’ve increased the prize money up for grabs and number of teams that can qualify, so there are even more reasons for fans to prove they’ve got what it takes to be the best.

As it stands, there is currently no information relating to qualifier events, times, and prize money. Activision has confirmed more information will arrive in the near future, so players can get practising now to better position themselves for the event.  Keep your eyes peeled for official communications or updates via the CoD Mobile website