Warzone Red Door locations guide

Everything you need to know about the new Red Doors in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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With the brand new season of Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision has introduced a fresh system which enables players to travel quickly around the map as well as being the source of incredible loot. The system uses a network of shifting Red Doors. 

Season 4 dropped on June 17 and if you do not already know by now then it is important for you to know exactly where these mysterious “Red Doors” are located to maximize the most out of your Warzone games!

These Red Doors can appear at semi-fixed locations on the map and will allow players to interact with them once they are found; all you have to do is step through and be teleported to a hidden room in Verdansk to find loot in abundance.

Where are the Red Door locations in Warzone?

So where exactly are these Red Doors located? The locations are not 100% guaranteed to be in the same place every game but there are some likely spots where Red Doors are usually found. 

There are 30 locations overall where Red Doors can spawn in Verdansk but these will vary depending on the game. Here are some of the locations where they are known to be found:

As we have mentioned already, these spots are not guaranteed to be in the same place each time but these are some of the locations which are known to have Red Doors. The map below shows these areas from a bird’s eye view.

(Image Credit: Activision)

Red Door locations in Warzone are extremely unreliable and although there are expected spots, the truth is that sometimes players are lucky enough to find them and sometimes they are not.

Red Doors will allow you and your squad to walk through once you find one and will then close shortly after being opened, so they cannot be used more than once. This is one of the reasons why you may not find one at a given location.

A good way to locate one is to turn up your sound and focus on the volume from the game as when you are near a Red Door, it will emit a humming sound. 

Where do the Red Doors take you?

After you enter a Red Door, you and your team will be transported to a hidden room in a different area of the map where you will have the chance to ransack the room of its bountiful loot. 

There are currently 12 known destinations where you could be transported to after walking through a Red Door and the destination is completely random. 

Once you have looted the room of its goods, you can exit and walk out into a different area after virtual teleportation – pretty cool right? Here are the 12 known destinations:

  • Storage
  • Salt Mine
  • Lumber
  • Block 18
  • Junkyard
  • Military Base
  • Above Bunker 0
  • North of ATC
  • Salt Mine
  • Lumber
  • Factory
  • Promenade East
  • School
  • Farmland

You should remember that the same Red Door at a given location will not always teleport you to the same destination each time and this will be completely random, most of the time. 

As more is discovered about Red Doors, this article will be updated with the latest information to keep you guys in the picture, but for now, get out there and start finding those Doors and hidden loot!

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