Battlefield 2042 Gameplay revealed at Microsoft E3 2021 Conference

Battlefield 2042 is shaping up rather interestingly

Battlefield 2042 Specialist example
Battlefield 2042 revealed some fresh gameplay during the Microsoft Conference. Image via Dice.

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During the Bethesda & Microsoft conference at the E3 2021 Day 2, Battlefield 2042 showed off some gameplay featuring some of the game’s content first revealed on June 10. The Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer shows off some abilities, maps, a grappling hook, and other content.

During the gameplay reveal at the Microsoft & Bethesda E3 2021 Conference, we got to see some Battlefield 2042 gameplay in a lengthy video. At the start of the gameplay trailer, the show detailed a desert map, with an upcoming dust storm in the distance. Eventually, that dust storm is going to affect the map, blocking out the sun as explained during the Battlefield 2042 teaser reveal. From there, we can see one of the specialists, the new class type taking over battlefield 2042 gameplay. One of the specialists, in particular, has a grappling hook, slingshotting them to a sniper on top of a crane.

Moving, the map with the Super Storm Tornado made an appearance in the trailer. It starts off with a regular city battle map-like from Battlefield 3 and 4, but it eventually turns into a freak weather storm. A tornado appears, which makes flying very difficult for aircraft in the area to continue operation, with one helicopter crashing. A squad of inventory runs inside a building to avoid its path. On the other hand, one trooper on top of a building uses a wingsuit built into its armor to successfully find a new way to traverse the map.

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Gun Customization
Here is an example of a gun customization feature in Battlefield 2042. Image via Dice.

Also, the game shows a weapon build menu, detailing the scopes, magazine and grip features on the weapon. Perhaps it takes some inspiration from battle royale customization by adding on the fly improvement to weapons? Not too sure yet so perhaps there is more news to come on that.

Finally, the other level is a space shuttle launch, which seems to add a narrative. One team seems to be trying to stop a space shuttle launch, with another team defending it. Eventually, the space shuttle goes off, burying the entire battlefield with space shuttle smoke coming from its ignites. It seems like another leveloution like feature, which makes tracking the battlefield much more different.

Overall, this is all we got from Battlefield 2042 gameplay first look. It certainly looks interesting, and we can’t wait to try it out on its release in October 2021.