Back 4 Blood mutlipalyer gameplay revealed at E3

Back 4 Blood multiplayer reveal features nine playable zombies.

Back 4 Blood Multiplayer
Play as the Cleaners and the Ridden in Back 4 Blood's multiplayer PvP mode. Image via Turtle Rock.

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Turtle Rock has shown off some of the Back 4 Blood Multiplayer gameplay ahead of its Open Beta Test on August 15. The multiplayer shows off the gameplay behind the game and some of the features, Ridden classes, and some of the Human gameplay features. Furthermore, there is a guaranteed Open Beta for the game launching on August 12.

Multiplayer PvP

The Back 4 Blood multiplayer core is a PvP game mode that pits the Cleaners (Humans) and Ridden (Zombies). Each team takes it in turns to play as the humans to see how long they last. Each map is a best of three in terms of points, with each human round seemingly lasting for 3-5 minutes based on the trailer. When it gets late into a PvP round, the map closes with a BR like circle, forcing players from any OP map advantages into a tighter space. That way, each human round doesn’t last for a long time, making each best of three series last roughly 20 mins in total.

During each round, players accumulate upgrades to spend on team-wide or personal abilities. Turtle Rock mentions that one of the team-wide abilities include upgrading the density of zombies during horde waves. It gives you an idea of what to expect from the possible advantages during the Back 4 Blood PvP gameplay.

Ridden Classes

During the gameplay, the Back 4 Blood Multiplayer features nine playable Ridden classes to use to disrupt the Cleaners. You can play as the following:

  • Reeker – a fast-hitting melee Ridden character.
  • Retch – Throws vomit onto a location that slows enemies who tread in it and deals damage for those consistently caught in the discharge.
  • Exploder – a Ridden that explodes on death, knocking back enemies in range and deals massive damage.
  • Stinger – fires ranged projectiles and can cling to surfaces.
  • Hocker – primary damage is a melee swipe, with the main ability firing phlegm that sticks an enemy in place.
  • Stalker – Has the ability to leap onto opponents and drag them away
  • Tallboy – has a mace-like hand that deals powerful damage with an overhead slam, while also moving very slowly.
  • Crusher – a unit that can grab a hold of enemies, pick them up and squeeze them until broken or they die.
  • Bruiser – Has a charge attack and can swing melee attacks incredibly quickly.

The Cleaners

On the flip side, there was only one Cleaner Class showed off, which is mom. She has a double-barrel shotgun and seems to have the ability that helps out downed allies. Other than that, there wasn’t much else regarding the Cleaner Classes.

During a Back 4 Blood multiplayer session, the cleaners can upgrade their guns using map pickups. Each map features ways to acquire new attachments for weapons, including sights, silencers, magazines, grips and more. Other than that, there wasn’t much else to go off. Clearly, Turtle Rock is keeping the Cleaners close to heart, perhaps as we get closer to the Back 4 Blood Open Beta on August 12, with an early access beta for those who pre-order on August 5. You can find more about the game and its beta here.