How to Get a Back 4 Blood Beta Key – Giveaways, Twitch Drops

You can play the Back 4 Blood Beta early if you manage to grab yourself a key.

Back 4 Blood
Come and grab yourself a Back 4 Blood Beta key, Image via Turtle Rock Studios.

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Back 4 Blood is the upcoming co-op horror zombie game developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the original developers behind Left 4 Dead. The game is due to release in October, but for those who want to try before they buy, there is a Back 4 Blood beta. Here is everything you need to know to get your hands on the beta.

Beta Weekends

There are two Back 4 Blood beta weekends, with the first only open to preorders and those with early access beta keys, whereas the second is a more traditional open beta. The closed Early Access Beta test begins on August 5 at 12:00 PST. This means it starts at 15:00 EST, 20:00 BST, and 21:00 CEST on August 5. The Early Access Beta ends on August 9 at 12:00 PST. Then, three days later on August 12, the Open Beta begins at 12:00 PST, lasting until August 16 at 12:00 PST.

Both beta weekends will provide a preview of several gameplay features launching in the full game. You’ll get to play as the Ridden, aka the zombie classes. The same goes for the human classes, which are called Cleaners. If you are interested in cross-play, you get to test out the cross-play functionality between PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, including cross-generation support in Back 4 Blood. If you are a console player, you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t need an Xbox Live or a PlayStation Plus membership to play the beta.

How to get into the Back 4 Blood Beta

If you want to give the Back 4 Blood beta a try, then you can play for free from August 12-16. Although, if you want to get that extra weekend of playtime, there are a few ways to secure Early Access. The first is to preorder the game for your selected platform. You can do this on Steam, Epic Game Store, Microsoft Store, the Playstation Store, or via any other major third-party retailer.

If you want to try your luck, you can register for a chance to get an Early Access Beta key directly from Turtle Rock Studios. If you head over to Back 4 Blood’s website, you can sign up for the beta. When you sign up, it will prompt you to select the platform you wish to play the beta on.

If you are an Xbox player who wants to play Back 4 Blood through the Xbox Game Pass at launch, a refund option is available. You can preorder B4B, play the beta, and then refund the game within a week of preordering to get a full refund.


Steam Back 4 Blood Beta Keys

There are currently a few websites offering Back 4 Blood keys for Steam PC. Alienware is giving away codes at the push of a button, but they are limited in stock. Intel Gaming Access also has a promotion for Back 4 Blood beta keys which is similarly limited. You can sign up via their websites to try to get yourself a key directly to your inbox. You should be able to add the game to your library right away, but the Back 4 Blood beta won’t be available to download until closer to the beta’s launch


Twitch Drops enabled for the Back 4 Blood Beta

You can also gain access to the Back 4 Blood beta key through Twitch Drops. All you need to do is create a Warner Brothers Games account and link it to your Twitch account via the WB Games Account Settings.

Once you have registered and linked your accounts, all you need to do is watch any Twitch streamer flagged with the ‘!drops enabled’ status on their channel. You can then get a Back 4 Blood Twitch drop by watching 60 minutes of eligible Back 4 Blood streams. If you’re paying attention to the Back 4 Blood streams, you’ll see a notification allowing you to claim your Back 4 Blood Twitch drop when the 60 minutes is complete. Simply claim it and follow the instructions to redeem it on a platform of your choice.


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