How to Uninstall Apex Legends On All Platforms

How to uninstall Apex Legends
What's that, you are done with Apex Legends? Here is how to uninstall Apex Legends and say good bye for good. Image via Respawn Entertainment.

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Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royal from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment. The game is one of the popular BRs on the market, but that said, it isn’t for everyone’s taste. If you are done with the game or need to free up space, we’ll teach you how to uninstall Apex Legends.


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Uninstalling on the PC

Uninstalling on Origin

The Origin Client is one of the major platforms that Apex Legends is played on PCs. The Origin Client has a built-in uninstall feature, just like an in-built FPS Counter. All you need to do to uninstall Apex Legends from Origin is to find the game’s cover art in the client, right-click, and then select the uninstall option.

Uninstalling on Steam

Since Apex Legend’s release on Steam, Apex Legends players have naturally installed the PCs’ biggest platform. With that said, uninstalling Apex Legends on Steam is very similar to Origin. Go to your game’s library, right-click the game in your Steam library, hover over the manage tab and then press uninstall. A confirmation window will pop up, asking you to confirm whether you want to uninstall the game. Press uninstall in the new window to confirm your decision. 

Uninstalling via Windows

Windows has a gesture that allows people to uninstall apps and games from their computer through the Operating System. Open your This PC folder, and press the computer button at the top of the  (if you have Windows 10). The tab will open up a  few more options, with one option being the Uninstall or Change a programme. From there, scroll down until you see Apex Legends and then confirm the uninstall. It may potentially open the client you downloaded it on to continue the process, especially on Steam.

Uninstalling on Consoles

Uninstalling on Xbox

Removing Apex Legends from either Xbox console is very simple. Press your Xbox button to open up the Xbox settings. From there, go to my games and apps, and then find Apex Legends in the list. Press the menu button on your controller and then confirm the uninstall option on the screen.

Uninstalling games on the PlayStation

Head over to the PlayStation’s games section on your console. Locate where Apoex Legends is in your games menu. Once you have done that, hover over the title and press the options button on your controller. Several options will appear, including the uninstall option. Select and then confirm your choice in the new window that appears.

Uninstalling on Nintendo Switch

When you are on the Nintendo Switch’s home screen, you can scroll to games installed on your device or the optional SD card inserted into the device. Upon finding Apex Legends in your Nintendo Switch, press either the plus or minus buttons on either Joypad to bring up a menu. Select manage software and click the Delete Software option.

You can also press the Archive software to make it easy enough to reinstall at a later date. Nintendo Switch will keep a shortcut, making it easier to reinstall the title at a later date.