Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Scheduled Launch Time, Resolution and FPS revealed

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Launch Chaos Theory

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Apex Legends is finally here for the Nintendo Switch. The game launches on March 9, featuring the game in all its glory, along with some extra features like the exclusive Pathfinder Skin. Although, more news is here, with the resolution, frame rate, and other tidbits announced ahead of its launch with an interview with a Japanese publication, Famitsu. We will go into detail on the new announcements, along with answering any questions regarding what time does Apex Legends Launch on Nintendo Switch or the specifications of the game.

What time does Apex Legends Launch on Nintendo Switch?

The Apex Legends Nintendo Switch will work just like the game’s content patches work. Apex Legends typically drops patches every Tuesday, aimed around 13:00 EST, meaning the content launches at 10:00 PST, 18:00 GMT and 19:00 CET respectively. 

Contrary to this, the Nintendo Switch Launch is not exactly guaranteed for that launch. It could be several hours after Chaos Theory goes live at the above times. Nonetheless, it will most certainly launch on March 9 for U.S players.

Nintendo Switch Resolution and Frame Rate

Apex Legend’s Nintendo Switch launch will come with a 30 FPS cap (frames per second), regardless of the console being handheld or docked modes. The reason why is down to the three big maps, 60 players, and the cross-play feature between all other consoles. A console like the Nintendo Switch has a lot to handle, so the cap is the best option available to provide a stable gameplay experience.

On the other hand, the resolution has two different settings. If the console is docked, players can expect a 720p experience. However, if you go mobile, the resolution goes down to 576p. Each different resolution comes with a different user interface to better interact with the Nintendo Switch’s different modes.


With the recent advancements of Apex Legends onto different platforms, Nintendo Switch players can play with PC and consoles. Although, the above video settings can not be too great to play against next-gen consoles. Players can opt to turn off Cross-Play if they so wish. This is the most ideal situation for those looking for an equal technical footing.

With all that said, have fun playing Apex Legends on your Nintendo Switch, or enjoying the new content coming with the Chaos Theory Launch.