Apex Legends Leaks hint to War Games event

Apex Legends Leaks Season 8 War Games
Apex Legends leaks indicate that a new event is on its way called War Games. Image via Respawn Entertainment.

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Apex Legends developers are already on the warpath for a huge end of season patch. Respawn Entertainment may have just dropped the Chaos Theory event, with two weeks of content and a Nintendo Switch launch. However, new leaks are already indicating a new event at the end of the season is on its way. These Apex Legends leaks indicate the new event is called War Games, featuring new skins and LTMs.

War Games

So far, the rumoured leaks from trusted data miners like Shrugtal are seeping through. Respawn Entertainment intend on releasing War Games sometime in the next month. Season 8 Mayhem released on Feb 9th, bringing out a new season and Legend. However, these seasons only last roughly three months long. The season is, therefore, halfway through, and a two-week event can see the season out.


The LTM is supposed to be a rotating game mode. New rules will come into play every few days, with things like shorter rings, Halo 3 like shield regeneration, spawning with load outs and more. Some of the more crazy rotations involve respawning. One mode will respawn players on exactly where they died, with another auto looting items when you spawn back at Respawn Beacons.

Some of these modes are possible is down to the new event slot that came with the Chaos Theory patch. The content came with an LTM, giving players a Heat Shield to deal with the new Magma Rings introduced with the LTM.

The new LTM sounds extremely interesting. Typically, an LTM takes over a queue for a few weeks, with a very gimmick feature. Respawn’s idea of simple yet rotating modes sounds really fresh, which will keep players coming back after the initial content drop off throughout the event.


With every content patch, there are a plethora of skins that come with the game. These events usual features a set of skins for purchase within the event. Fuse is looking like a likely candidate to get a skin heading to the store, utilising a pearly white and gold colour scheme.

Like other content patches, the event will come with a few prize tracker for all to take part in. The prize tracker will feature a skin for Rampart and a  30-30 Repeater along with a Crypto Skin, along with a few charms and several battle pass levels up for grabs

There is nothing confirmed about these rumours. Respawn Entertainment has the right to decide what makes it into the builds that go live. After all, these are just Apex Legends leaks. More news will likely at the start of April, confirming the patch’s content.