Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Announced

Apex Legends Caustic Takeover

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Respawn Entertainment has revealed the new Apex Legends Chaos Theory update. The new update ships with an heirloom, new cosmetics, and a load more. Thr new patch drops on 9 March Here are the full details.

Caustic Takeover

The new Apex Legends Chaos Theory update is the official content drop that launches alongside the game’s Nintendo Switch launch. The content drop features a whole new Caustic Town Takeover, which alters the map with Caustic’s toxic nastiness. Caustic has taken over the old Water Treatment plant on King’s Canyon. The area rewards four gold item drops, but it comes with a huge toxic risk.


To accompany the takeover, there is a whole new Limited Time Mode. The moe features a new magma right hat that expands within the ring that already exists. Players who get caught within the magma ring will take damage as if they were getting hit by the regular ring.

Players can easily avoid the Magma Ring with a new item called the Heat Shield. The item is throwable, creating a Gibraltar like dome. Every player spawns with one, so it shouldn’t wholly catch players off guard. But be careful; these domes can only take so much damage.

No Fill MM

There is now an option for solo queue players out there to turn off auto finding a squad. Players who want to play with this new experience will need to toggle the search menu button. While Apex Legends is a team game, Respawn Entertainment expects the players to use the feature to complete challenges, warming up, creating unique challenges, trialling new strategies, etc.

Speaking of completing challenges, there is a new free collection associated with the event. Players that want to rush out challenges by themselves can do so and chip away at this collection.

New Cosmetics

Speaking of completing challenges, there is a new free collection associated with the event. Players that want to rush out challenges by themselves can do so and chip away at this collection.


There are new paid collection items for those with some spare cash for Bangalore, Pathfinder, and more. The items are up for grabs through crafting materials, so the skins are available even to free-to-play players. Those that manage to collect all 24 new items will unlock the Bangalore Pilot Knife heirloom.

Legend Balancing

The new patch is quite the insane patch. Respawn Entertainment seems to be finally nerfing all the abused Legends in the meta.

Caustic is getting a big change, with his ultimate going up an entire minute. In addition, his ticking damage is now a flat five damage, compared to the former 6-12. Caustic has dominated the meta, with a regular ALGS pick rate of around 30% across all regions.

Furthermore, the other big tank named Gibraltar is getting a tone down. For over a year, Caustic has provided allies with an increased 15% healing speeds for allies in his dome. That is no longer the case with the removal of that utility. Gibraltar’s safety fall of a cliff, leading to a complete rethink of the current meta.

There are a few more balance changes, but these are the biggest highlights from the section. The balance changes in Apex Legends Chaos Theory are so huge  that high profile content creators in the title are 

Gold Weapon Changes

Respawn Entertainment has allowed golden guns to receive modifications. These weapons are now open to having new sights put on them. Th new feature allows players to put their favourite sight onto one of the game’s strongest drops at any given point.

For the full patch notes and what to expect, you can find the information here.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

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