Epic Seven Tier List 2021

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Epic Seven is a gacha mobile RPG game that operates under a turn base system with hundreds of characters to battle with. It is free to play on mobile devices, players selecting from a choice of multiple characters and venturing through the fantastical world of Orbis to conquer the opposing enemies via the game’s storyline. Players can control a variety of characters as you explore the game’s world through its adventure mode, which is brought to life with anime cutscenes that detail the game story as well as individual character special attacks. Furthermore, these characters are needed for both PvE battles in Adventure mode, along with online PvP Battles. So, which are the best Epic Seven Heroes for both gamemodes? Here is our Epic Seven Tier List to inform you of what is good and what isn’t.

As with many video games that offer an aspect of multiple unique characters, there is usually a list of those characters that is compiled to identify and help players to pick and choose which characters they want to use, based on which ones are the most powerful. We have ranked them from S to F Tier since there are so many different characters and rarities.

It is also important to note the rarity of each of the characters in the game. Some of the characters are extremely good and will feel extremely great when you finally get them. However, it does mean when you build a team, you’ll likely need to reference each character so you know how strong your team is based on rarity and accessibility. A team of S Tier 5 Star Rarities will feel extremely imbalanced. Although, the dream of fielding exclusively S Tier rares is extremely unachievable. Therefore, we are ranking some of the easier to acquire characters higher in the list to compensate

Below you will find the list which states which tier a Hero is placed under as well as their star rating, to give you a better indication of whether or not you should be picking up and using a Hero. Also, you can see our definitions of each tier and what constitutes that definition.

Tier List Key

Epic Seven Tier List

S Tier

In our eyes, we feel it is completely necessary to add two-three stars to this list, which are Angelic Montmorency and Chaos Sect Axe.  Also, Gaming Verdict strongly believes that Angelic is by far the best heroin in Epic Seven. The reason why is because she is a three-star rarity, meaning she is fairly easy to acquire through gacha mechanics. Considering her strength is similar to those in her S Tier Bracket, this is incredible. It means that a fairly new player can land on one of the strongest characters in the game very quickly and find her without much grinding. The same can be said for Chaos Axe, who is a slightly weaker melee. Although we do believe that Chaos Axe is the weakest of the S Tier character, it is a piece you can use that fits any end game comp. If you find that another melee DPS unit on the list is more your style, go for that.

Also, please keep in mind that there will be other characters out there that suit your playstyle with so many different characters in the game. You may potentially find that any of the S Tier characters we rank in the Epic Seven Tier List are not for you. If that is the case, you may find you can make your perfect team of heroes through the A Tier! Remember, part of what makes a good gacha gamer is adapting and building a perfect comp based on what you have available. Getting a full S tier team may make a bad comp, carried simply by their rarity and better numbers.

Hero Rarity (stars)
Angelic Montmorency 3-star
Arbiter 5-star
Auxillary Lots 4-star
Challenger Dominiel 4-star
Chaos Sect Axe 3-star
Charles 5-star
Iseria 5-star
Ken 5-star
Martial Artist Ken 5-star
Ruele of Light 5-star
Seaside Bellona 5-star
Specter Tenebrie 5-star

A Tier

As we alluded to above, the A Tier is filled with excellent characters. You’ll find a solid range of four and five-star characters you can build a comp around if you wish. If you get one of these Epic Seven Heroes, feel free to give them a try and work it that is a character you want to build a core team around. If not, use them until you can replace them with something better, especially if you are a newer player. Otherwise, feel free to dust them, so you can get more currency to improve the characters further.

Achates 4-star
Alencia 5-star
Angelica 4-star
Assassin Cartuja 4-star
Basar 5-star
Bellona 5-star
Blaze Dingo 4-star
Blood Blade Karin 4-star
Celine 5-star
Chloe 5-star
Cidd 4-star
Clarissa 4-star
Commander Lorina 3-star
Crimson Armin 4-star
Diene 5-star
Dizzy 5-star
Elena 5-star
Elphelt Valentine 5-star
Fallen Cecilia 5-star
Judge Kise 5-star
Kayron 5-star
Kise 5-star
Krau 5-star
Lilias 5-star
Little Queen Charlotte 5-star
Luluca 5-star
Melissa 5-star
Ravi 5-star
Roana 5-star
Sez 5-star
Sigret 5-star
Silver Blade Aramintha 5-star
Sol Badguy 5-star
Tamarinne 5-star
Top Model Luluca 5-star
Tywin 5-star
Vildred 5-star
Violet 5-star
Vivian 5-star
Yufine 5-star

B Tier

The B tier is sadly an area that mainly consists of the weaker 4 and 5-star characters. If you get one of these, include them in your early game composition. If not, then dust them for the currency. This is more the case for more progressed accounts who need the resources to improve characters they like using. Lastly, you’ll find some of the best three-star characters on the list. These are the perfect staging points to progress into harder content. If you’re new to the game, you’ll have (probably) got some of the best characters based on the easiness to acquire them.

Adventurer Ras 3-star
All-Rounder Wanda 3-star
Apocalypse Ravi 5-star
Aramintha 5-star
Assassin Coli 4-star
Baal and Sezan 5-star
Baiken 5-star
Celestial Mercedes 4-star
Cermia 5-star
Champion Zerato 4-star
Charlotte 5-star
Dark Corvus 5-star
Destina 5-star
Falconer Kluri 3-star
General Purrgis 4-star
Guider Aither 4-star
Haste 5-star
Karin 4-star
Kawerik 5-star
Kitty Clarissa 4-star
Leo 4-star
Lidica 5-star
Ludwig 5-star
Maid Chloe 5-star
Mascot Hazel 3-star
Mercenary Helga 3-star
Ray 5-star
Remnant Violet 5-star
Researcher Carrot 3-star
Rin 4-star
Rose 4-star
Shadow Rose 4-star
Shooting Star Achates 4-star
Silk 4-star
Specimen Sez 5-star
Tenebria 5-star
Watcher Schuri 4-star

C Tier

The thing with the C Tier is that it gets largely disappoint heroes. There are once again more 4 and 5 stars than there should reasonably be. If you get these, once again just get rid of them, as they are on the same strength levels as some of the easier to land ones. If anything, these 4 and 5 star characters are designed to get dusted as a resource burner.

Ambitious Tywin 5-star
Armin 4-star
Assassin Cidd 4-star
Blood Moon Haste 5-star
Cecilia 5-star
Celeste 3-star
Cerise 5-star
Coli 4-star
Crescent Moon Rin 4-star
Desert Jewel Basar 5-star
Dingo 4-star
Doris 3-star
Faithless Lidica 5-star
Fighter Maya 4-star
Free Spirit Tiera 4-star
Furious 4-star
Jecht 3-star
Khawazu 4-star
Lena 3-star
Lilibet 5-star
Lots 4-star
Mirsa 3-star
Pavel 5-star
Righteous Thief Roozid 3-star
Sage Baal and Sezan 5-star
Serila 4-star
Sinful Angelica 4-star
Surin 4-star
Wanderer Silk 4-star
Yuna 5-star

D Tier

Basically the same as the C Tier reasoning, except you’re more likely to find 3 and 4 stars in here.

Aither 3-star
Batisse 3-star
Captain Rikoris 3-star
Chaos Inquisitor 3-star
Church of Ilryos Axe 3-star
Corvus 4-star
Dominiel 4-star
Eaton 3-star
Gloomyrain 3-star
Hazel 3-star
Hurado 3-star
Khawana 4-star
Kizuna Al 4-star
Lorina 3-star
Mistychain 3-star
Requiemroar 3-star
Roman 4-star
Schuri 4-star
Taranor Guard 3-star
Wanda 3-star
Zerato 4-star

F Tier

Finally, the worst of the worst. These are the heroes you meet who are basic trash in the story. They are not useful to the enemy, so why would they be useful to you?For that reason, these are the absolute dredges of the Epic Seven Tier List.

Azalea 3-star
Bask 3-star
Benevolent Romann 4-star
Butcher Corps Inquisitor 3-star
Carmainerose 3-star
Carrot 3-star
Cartuja 4-star
Crozet 4-star
Elson 3-star
Enott 3-star
Gunther 3-star
Hataan 3-star
Helga 3-star
Jena 3-star
Judith 3-star
Kikirat V2 3-star
Kiris 3-star
Kluri 3-star
Maya 4-star
Mercedes 4-star
Montmorancy 3-star
Mucacha 3-star
Nemunas 3-star
Pearlhorizon 3-star
Purrgis 4-star
Pyllis 3-star
Ras 3-star
Rikoris 3-star
Rima 3-star
Roamin Warrior Leo 4-star
Roozid 3-star
Sven 3-star
Taranor Royal Guard 3-star
Tempest Surin 4-star
Tieria 3-star
Troublemaker Crozet 4-star
Zeno 5-star

This Concludes our Epic Seven Tier List. We hope you got some really good value out of this list, and are able to field an army capable of conquering and dominating both her PvE and PvP battles! If you enjoyed this Mobile game tier ist, and are a big mobile game in general, we have lots more for your to browse here.