Top 3 Weirdest Games of All Time

The online world of games can be exciting, fun, challenging, and every inch addictive in a good way. However, not all computer games are created equally, and where some are outstanding to play, there are other computer games out there, which can only be summed up in just one word, and this word is no other than weird. With this said, it now raises the curious question of, what exactly are some of the weirdest of all computer games? Read on to learn the answer.

You will be very glad that you did. Because, the truth is this, computer games that are weird are interesting. Why are they interesting? The truth is this. They are unique and amid the less known of games ever created. This sort of puts them in a class all by themselves.

What are three of the weirdest computer games on record? They are no other than the following three games. They are:

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker

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1. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson was definitely a huge influence on the world of music, there is no denying that there is a truly strange game, which was created with his name as part of it. This very odd game is no other than Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker and it is all about the following game outline.

This game outline is all about a character named Mr. Big who kidnaps children. He has taken these kidnapped kids to the moon. This bad villain also has a laser in the works to destroy the earth. Well, to get to the really weird part, Michael Jackson is cast as being the hero to save the day.

This is not saying he couldn’t be a hero, because he could be, but he’s given the task to perform awesome dance moves to shoot out magic rays and destroy any enemies. Wouldn’t have been more interesting to see him sing and dance, instead of just dance, in order to save earth and the kidnapped kids? Just an idea here, but still a strange game, all the same.

Toilet Kids

2. Toilet Kids

You think the Michael Jackson game is weird, then feast your eyes on this one, and you will get even weirder with this computer game. What is Toilet Kids all about? Toilet Kids is all about a game that is based on a young boy that goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night. What is really weird is that the gets sucked inside of the toilet.

This poor kid finds himself trapped in a strange toilet world where everyone closely resembles toilet fixtures. The boy must fight his way to the end and come up against the evil Urinal. This game is very weird, but to be honest, there are still others more bizarre than this one.

Sneak King

3. Sneak King

What Sneak King is all about is very clear. It is about the hand of advertising coming to video games in a major way. Burger King has already come out with three different game versions of this kind of computer game. However, by far, Sneak King is truly the most bizarre of them all.

What is Sneak King about? It is about a player getting to be the King, which is Burger King’s official brand mascot, and as the King you get to take over the King’s task of sneaking up on people and delivering them delicious hamburgers. The very idea of having Burger King’s King popping up unexpectedly can be creepy to some and with good reason.

It is sort of a weird game premise to be honest. Sneak King does offer players a number of tools to use during the course of the time. What a player must do is to avoid laughing whenever they see the King sneaking around on this tippy toes. This is a weird, but funny game, all the same.

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