Happy 30th Anniversary, Metroid!

It is Metroid’s 30th anniversary on the 6th of August, and excited fans are planning how to celebrate the event. In some discussion boards, a few have talked about pizza parties. Others have planned an event which they have named ‘Metroid HQ’ – where players will play through the entire 30 years of Metroid titles.

Some fans have wondered about the possibility of even more events, because of their passion for the series. In fact, when the 25th anniversary came, there were some complaints about the fact that there were little celebrations, but it looks like this will not happen this time – for, as mentioned above, there are some events coming up.

metroid 30th anniversary

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So why is there this level of excitement? It has sold over 15 million games, and has an emphasis on girl power – which could have grasped the attention of fans. At the center of the game is a character called Samus Aran.

The series came to life in the mid 1980’s – when the research and development team worked on it. Released in 1986, Aran (her last name) is the star. In the beginning, it is not even clear that Aran is female as she wears a helmet. Additionally she has a Power Suit on, and only later on, when she takes her helmet off…does the viewer realize she is female.

Seems like she is full of surprises! She, Aran, usually finds herself alone on a hostile area with no help. However she us given clues and manages to find items that are of vital importance. In the 1986 version, she tries to stop pirates from using Metroids to battle and conquer.

Here’s a fun fact: Metroid is a mix of “Metro” and “Android.” It refers to how the view looks like a map of a metro station. Furthermore, SR388, the home of the Metroids, is actually named after the SR400 Yamaha motorcycle engine series.

Then in the 1991 version, Metroid II : The Return of Samus, she has a new mission: to destroy all the Metroids. She completes her mission but finds an egg. She saves this creature and hands it over to the appropriate authorities – for further study.

The story goes on. Let us have a look at a recent version, in 2010,The Other M. Adistress signal is intercepted and it is revealed that the scientists created new creatures, Metroids, without their weakness to see ice. Adam, her Commanding Officer, takes out these metroids, and Aran realizes she has to take care of the rest of the site. Samus finds a Queen Metroid and destroys her.

While there is a reason to celebrate Metroid’s 30th anniversary, there is the issue about the future: will there be new adventures? There is fear that this is a dying game, and independent designers are eager to continue the series. Ori and the Blind a Forest, developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios, has won some attention. To progress in the game, players move between platforms and have to solve puzzles. It also features an upgrade system that gives players the ability to strengthen Ori’s skills.

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