Best Gaming Desk Reviews 2017

Do you want to buy a gaming desk? Are you nearly ready to get one but you’re still not sure how to find the best pc gaming desk for your needs?

Indeed, finding that perfect gaming desk is not an easy task.

That’s why I’ve created the list of Top 10 Gaming Desks for 2017 along with their reviews and the buyer’s guide. Since I’m a hardcore gamer myself, I sincerely hope that all the effort I put into the research and creation of this guide will help the fellow gamers like you in making the right choice.

The following comparison table shows the best gaming desks for 2017 personally handpicked by Gaming Verdict.

Gaming Desk Type Size (inches) Editor's Rating Price Our Review
01_atlantic_gaming_desk_small Atlantic Gaming PC Desk Standard 50 x 40.2 x 26.5 8.5 Check the
Current Price
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02 walker edison gaming desk small Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk L-shaped 51 x 51 x 29 8.4 Check the
Current Price
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03_best_choice_products_small Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk L-shaped 59 x 55 x 29.5 9 Check the
Current Price
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04_bestar_office_small Bestar Office Furniture Hampton Collection Tuscany Brown Corner Desk L-shaped 70.1 x 70.1 x 35.3 8.3 Check the
Current Price
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05_naomi_small Naomi Home 3 Piece Sedalia Glass Office Desk Black L-shaped 35 x 25 x 8 8.2 Check the
Current Price
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06_origami_desk_small Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk Standard 47.2 x 23.6 x 29.9 8.3 Check the
Current Price
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07_techni_mobili_small Techni Mobili L-shaped Glass Computer Desk L-shaped 64.5 x 54.5 x 29.5 8.1 Check the
Current Price
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08_coaster_hero_small Coaster L-Shape Home Office Computer Desk L-shaped 43.2 x 24 x 30 8 Check the
Current Price
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09_studio_rta_small Studio RTA Producer Station Maple Standard 72 x 41 x 30 8.7 Check the
Current Price
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10 cabot desk small Cabot Collection 60" L-Desk L-shaped 59.5 x 59.5 x 30.2 7.8 Check the
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Reviews of the 10 Best Gaming Computer Desks

1. Atlantic Gaming Desk

The Atlantic Gaming Desk makes the top 10 list01 atlantic gaming desk for several reasons, including the fact that it allows gamers to stay organized and multitask. This is because it is one of the few desk models actually designed specifically for gaming. The elevated, durable, flat-panel stand allows consumers to use their TV or Monitor and laptop together, while simultaneously charging a smart phone.

Although the desk is not large, the console is perfectly designed for optimum organization. Its designers believe that headphones and other gear–as well as bonus size beverages–should be within easy reach during extended play sessions. It is also designed for maximum comfort and edges out many of its competitors with regard to this aspect. Additionally, it is highly rated by customers on most retail websites, which demonstrates that the majority of buyers are very happy with this model.

Main Features

This desk model has a great cable management system and features a flat, steel rod, non-marring construction. It also has a carbon fiber and metallic steel-finish top that is resistant to many types of damage. The desk fits a 27 inch flat panel monitor and holds up to 40 pounds of equipment. The Atlantic desk also includes a headphone hook and cup holder, rear power strip holder, wire management templates, game storage rack, two controller hooks, monitor stand, table-top reinforcement bar, storage drawer, speaker trays and charging station. It also features a very light weight design. Therefore, although this model is very sturdy, it is easily moved from one room to another.

  • Terrific design for maximum space management
  • Scores high regarding comfort and ease-of-use
  • Keeps its beautiful finish longer than many other models
  • Allows users to access multiple devices simultaneously
  • It is highly durable and offers excellent longevity
  • Features lightweight design and can be moved with ease, but is still sturdy
  • Is slightly more complicated to assemble than other models
  • Drawer is a bit smaller than those seen in other gaming desks


01 atlantic gaming deskThe space management of this model is ideal, and therefore perfect for anyone for whom organization is a priority. It is also the best choice for the multi-tasker, as it allows for the use of numerous devices during play sessions. In addition, this model is a wise selection among those searching for a sturdy desk that will last for many years. Those who enjoy extended play sessions and professional gamers should definitely consider this model.

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2. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

This gaming computer desk is a top 10 choice02 walker edison gaming desk for reasons that include the excellent materials from which it is made and its interesting design. It has a sturdy, steel frame with a finish that has been powder coated. Unlike many of its competitors it features beveled, polished, and tempered safety glass.

This model is also larger than most desks in similar categories, making it a perfect choice if you need need extra storage space for your equipment and games. Since it is a corner desk model, it works well in homes or apartments that do not have excessive amounts of space for furniture. It is black in color, which in my opinion makes a striking appearance when combined with its tempered, safety glass desktop.

Main Features

This model includes a CPU stand, sliding keyboard tray, durable steel frame, and the powder coated finish. Its polished and beveled, tempered safety glass is one of its most popular features. Although it is a corner desk primarily used for doing all kinds of computer work, it easily transitions to a gaming desk because of its flexible design and spaciousness. It features x-legs as well, which give it an appealing suspended appearance.

  • Ships ready to put together with easy, step-by-step directions
  • Speedy assembly is possible; approximately an hour without a drill and 20 minutes with a drill
  • Supports multiple desktop computers and monitors without concerns about the desk collapsing
  • Glass edges are angled to prevent chipping of the glass or scraping of the legs
  • Extra screws are included in case of defects or the misplacement of screws during assembly
  • Keyboard can be mounted on either end of the desk
  • This model does not feature options for cable management that are built in to the desk itself
  • The limbs of the desk are hollow, which makes it easier to assemble but may lead to the accidental punching of bolts during assembly


02 walker edison gaming deskThis computer gaming desk is perfect for those looking for a corner desk with a sleek design and modern appearance. The desk is also a great choice for those who have concerns about the weight of their equipment, as it can hold up to 100 pounds without experiencing excessive stress or straining its connecting fixtures. It is also a terrific choice for players looking for a versatile desk, as the corner section can be removed and the model used as one long desk or two separate straight desks.

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3. Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Corner Computer Desk

This model is a traditional work desk 03 best choice products gaming deskthat is seen in many dwellings where home offices are found. It is a top choice for those searching for a dual purpose desk that can transition from work to leisure purposes. Its design is innovative and practical, and for this reason it is considered the best L shaped desk for gaming by many gamers.

Main Features

This gaming computer desk offers a classic, modern look and features a beautiful wood design. It provides a keyboard drawer as well as a computer tower stand that is designed for convenience. It has a very durable frame that boasts an edgy, modern look, while at the same time being practical with space for all office essentials.

  • Lends itself well to the décor of any home or office
  • Features an overall innovative design
  • Includes detailed instructions and tools for proper assembly
  • Height makes it easy to sit as close as desired
  • Receives top 5-star rating from most consumers
  • Reasonably priced by most retailers
  • The bottom rack is not particularly practical or easy to use


03 best choice products gaming deskAlthough this desk has the appearance of being smaller than certain other models, it is actually its design that creates its compact look. In reality, optimal spaciousness is offered with this model. Therefore, it is perfect for those who are working with space restrictions within their home or apartment, but still need a top notch gaming desk that offers enough room for all their equipment. It is also a cost-effective model, and for this reason is ideal for individuals who are working with a limited budget, but need a desk that gets the job done.

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4. Bestar Office Furniture Hampton Collection Corner Desk

Several things set the Bestar Office Furniture04 bestar office desk Hampton Collection corner desk apart from its competition, earning it a place in the top 10. For example, it offers a small storage cabinet and a drawer, which many game enthusiasts find helpful, particularly if they plan to use the desk for work purposes as well as for gaming. This is an especially good choice if you work from home. For instance, the desk can be used through the day for work and then you can clear the desktop and use the hutch to store work materials when it is time to get set up for an awesome gaming session.

Main Features

The Hampton Collection corner workstation model has a keyboard shelf that is installed with ball bearing slides. This makes its operation quiet and smooth. There is also a sturdy monitor shelf, as well as open and closed storage sections. This model also features a deluxe 25mm work area, which provides adequate space for essentially any gaming configuration. The desk also has an innovative 2.5 mm PVC shock resistant edge. In addition, this computer gaming desk model is made with engineered wood and coated with durable laminate that is stain resistant. It can be purchased in a brown or black finish.

  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Stain resistant surface
  • Ideal for professional gamers
  • Has a closed storage hutch to help eliminate clutter
  • Can support up to 100 pounds of weight
  • Assembly is a bit more difficult than other models
  • Plywood sides are not quite as attractive as the rest of the desk
  • The price has a tendency to fluctuate on a regular basis from reasonable to quite costly


04 bestar office deskThose searching for an ergonomic desk will find that this is one of the best models available in this category. Designed for comfort, it is also perfect for professional gamers who spend long periods of time honing their skills from a seated position. In addition, it is ideal for those with large monitors or heavy equipment, or who want to store books, manuals or weighty objects, because of its ability to easily hold up to 100 pounds.

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5. Naomi Home 3 Piece Sedalia Glass Office Desk in Black

Stylish and sleek, the Naomi Home Sedalia05 naomi gaming desk Glass Desk is both fully functional and aesthetically appealing. This L-shaped desk makes the top 10 list for providing an optimum work surface and gaming space in one innovative model. The safety glass has polished and rounded edges that are designed in a more efficient way than many other desk models in this category. The beveled edges of the glass sit exceptionally well in the frame. This creates a smooth look and a stylish appearance in essentially any home or apartment.

Although primarily designed as a work desk, it is a popular favorite among many gamers because of its innovative design, quiet, sleek keyboard tray and easy to clean surfaces. It is a sound choice for virtually any gaming enthusiast.

Main Features

This model features a black frame and black glass top and a sturdy computer tower stand. Its steel frame is very durable and its L-shape design perfect for maximizing workspace and organizing gaming accessories and equipment. The desk measures 51 inches in width, 20 inches in depth and is 29 inches high. It also has a versatile keyboard that can be placed on either side, depending on the user’s preference.

  • Fits perfectly in the corner of any apartment or home
  • Sleek design beautifies essentially any dwelling
  • Offers exceptional durability and longevity due to its innovative design
  • Ideal for maximizing workspace and organizing everything needed for a gaming session
  • Very easy to assemble
  • The sole negative regarding this model appears to be that the keyboard tray is somewhat small


05 naomi gaming deskThis model is perfect for consumers looking for a sleek and modern gaming desk that is easy to assemble and that will fit well in any corner of their dwelling. Although its price is similar to models that require complicated assembly, this desk can be put together by one person in less than half an hour. For this reason, if who need a desk for immediate use and don’t want to look for someone to help with the assembly then you should seriously consider investing in this model.

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6. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

Origami 06 origami gaming deskRDE-01 Computer Desk is a very popular model among gamers, although it is not primarily marketed as a desk for video games. However, it has many interesting characteristics that make it appealing to professional gamers. For example, it opens and folds in a matter of seconds and when closed it can be laid flat or propped against the wall for easy storage.

In addition, manual assembly is not required as the desk simply folds up for shipping. It weighs a mere 43 pounds, which sets it in a class by itself compared to its competition. Because of these unique features it easily makes our top 10 list and scores very well among consumers who have written reviews on major shopping sites like Amazon.

06 origami gaming deskMain Features

This desk features a 250 pound total shelf capacity, which is evenly distributed over each of its three shelves. This means that each durable shelf can hold 75 pounds on its wheels. No tools are required to set up the desk. The keyboard has ball bearing fixtures for silent, smooth function. The desk also features a large surface area to accommodate various objects and works well as a desk for both gaming and work related activities.



  • Desk is very lightweight and can be moved and stored with ease
  • Features plenty of space for a wide variety of games, accessories and other items
  • Very sturdy and durable despite its light weight
  • Perfect height for essentially all individuals
  • Wheels are not included, although units with wheels are displayed on some advertisements


06 origami gaming deskThis desk is the perfect option for anyone who wants a highly portable desk that is easy to store even in a small home or apartment. It is also great for players who travel for gaming competitions or conventions, as they can take their desk along because of its unusual compact design. It is also very reasonably priced and although strong and sturdy, it is a bargain for shoppers looking for an inexpensive model. This desk is also perfect for someone who wants a dual desk that can be used for both traditional computer use and gaming.

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7. Techni Mobili L-shaped Glass Computer Desk

This trendy, high-tech model is one of the07 techni mobili gaming desk most popular computer gaming desk models on today’s market. It is also considered by some as the best L-shaped desk for gaming. It boasts a graphite laminate finish and its powder coated steel frame is scratch resistant.

It is different from many other computer desks and makes the top 10 list due to its exceptional flexibility and ergonomic design. It also has unique features such as a glass top that can support up to 80 pounds due to its innovative safety glaze. It is made from a combination of PVC, glass and wood, and for this reason has a interesting and attractive appearance.

Main Features

This ergonomic desk features an L-shaped design and elevated caddy where the gamer can place a computer monitor or TV. The table is adjustable with long and short sides that can be changed to suit the user’s preference whenever desired. It also features a keyboard shelf with a safety stop and can accommodate a broad range of accessories. The desk boasts PVC laminate veneer as well, which creates a well-polished appearance on the desk’s wood panels.

  • The spaciousness of this desk makes it easy for gamers to organize various items
  • The assembly of this model is not difficult and can be completed by one person
  • The desk is very attractive and blends superbly with modern decor
  • Because of the materials from which it is made, cleaning is exceptionally easy
  • Wood panels may fade over time


This desk is perfect for gamers who want a unit that not only functions well, but is also attractive and modern looking. Additionally, anyone who finds the chore of cleaning a computer desk tiresome will be happy with this model, as its coatings and veneers repel dust and dirt, making it very easy to clean.

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8. Coaster L-Shape Home Office Computer Desk

Those looking for the best L shaped desk08 coaster hero gaming desk for gaming should not overlook the Coaster L Shape Home Office Computer Desk. At 30 inches high and almost 68 inches wide, this model earns almost 5 out of 5 stars among online reviewers. However, it makes our top 10 list for more than its dimensions.

It is a popular favorite among those who want a unit with a touch of elegance and sophistication, but also one that offers the spaciousness and comfort of the best gaming desk models on the market

Main Features

This three-piece desk set includes a corner piece and two cappuccino finished desks featuring tempered glass tops. It is also equipped with a foot rest bar, keyboard drawer, sturdy CPU stand and elegantly curved legs. It has extra steel supports for added durability as well. In addition, the three parts of the desk can be separated if the owner desires and used for different functions.

  • This model adds beauty to any home or apartment
  • Is comfortable due to its design and ergonomic foot rest
  • The partial assembly required is easy to complete
  • Steel supports increase model’s longevity
  • Glass tops are not as scratch resistant as other models


This model is perfect for those who are in the market for a useful, but decorative gaming table. It is also a good choice for any consumer for whom versatility is an important factor. Those who make purchases based on customer reviews will also find this model appealing, since it scores very high among consumers who write reviews on retail sites such as Amazon. This aesthetically pleasing desk is an impressive choice for essentially any gamer who wants to add an elegant, classy and modern ambiance to his or her gaming room.

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9. Studio RTA Producer Station Maple

The high quality, durability and innovative design09 studio rta desk of the Studio RTA Producer Station Maple desk model has earned it a spot on the top 10 list. This desk is head and shoulders above most of its competitors for a variety of reasons. These include the top notch materials from which it is made, its generous sized, multiple tiers and its ergonomic design that promotes healthy posture and comfort throughout lengthy playing sessions.

Additionally, in spite of its impressive size, the entire unit is easy to move from one area of a home or apartment to another, which is a characteristic usually only seen with small or medium models. Because of its size, it can accommodate virtually any number of accessories its owner wishes to use. It has considerable aesthetic appeal as well and lends itself to essentially any type of interior decor.

Main Features

The Studio RTA Producer Station Maple features steel frame construction, and ergonomic workspace, tool 20-space racks, and a 26 inch wide slide out keyboard tray on a silent and smooth ball bearing system. A 5-space rack on the top tier of the desk holds additional equipment, and it also has two CD compartments that hold total of 16 CDs or similar sized items. The mid-tier can hold an additional computer monitor and keyboard. If the owner wishes to move the unit, locking casters make this activity easy. A handy cable organizer is located at the back of the desk to keep wires tangle free, which is often an important consideration for gamers who use a significant number of devices.

  • Essentially unlimited space for equipment, games and accessories
  • Features a beautiful and unique appearance
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design promotes healthy posture and reduces fatigue
  • Offers a design that makes it both portable and versatile
  • Locking casters keep the desk from moving
  • The only negative aspect associated with this model is its cost which can be as much as $500


09 studio rta deskMusic producers use this model and it was primarily designed for such individuals. However, it also works exceptionally well for gamers due to its design and versatility. Although it is one of the most expensive desk models available online, most consumers would agree that it is well worth the price due to its exceptional quality. Therefore, professional gamers for whom money is no big issue will find this model ideal for all their needs.

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10. Cabot Collection 60″ L-Desk

Those looking for the best L shaped desk10 cabot gaming desk for gaming should consider the Cabot Collection 60″ L-Desk. Although a somewhat nontraditional gaming desk, the design of the cabinet provides smart technology integration, ample storage and comfortable elegance, which are some of the reasons is has been placed on the top ten list. Because it essentially spreads out in all directions, there is plenty of work space available if the consumer wishes to use it as a work desk when not gaming.

Its design was inspired by classic polished nickel furniture, and its espresso oak finish blends well with both contemporary and traditional offices and homes. With closed storage areas and several dividers, players can come up with innovative ways to store their accessories and games. They can also tuck work related items out of sight when gaming, if the desk is used for dual purposes.

10 cabot gaming deskMain Features

This model features an espresso oak finish and a hutch with a beautiful, fluted glass door. Both drawers slide on full extension ball bearing fixtures and cubbyholes can accommodate items of various sizes. The desk also features an integrated 4-port USB hub, capable of allowing a connection of up to four devices to the gamer’s personal computer or laptop. It also has a box drawer to hold miscellaneous objects or anything the owner wishes to store away.



  • The low profile features of this desk make it perfect for small spaces
  • Has the look of a traditional wood desk
  • Blends with any type of interior décor, from Victorian to modern
  • Has extensive storage for both gaming supplies and traditional items
  • Is a perfect dual-use computer gaming desk
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Not a good option for those who want a portable desk
  • Is at the higher end of the price range for gaming desks
  • Back side of desk features cork board-type material which some find unattractive


10 cabot gaming deskThis is one of the best gaming desk models for those who are searching for a desk to serve a dual purpose. For instance, if the consumer is serious about his or her gaming hobby, but also works at home and needs a sturdy and comfortable desk for business purposes, this model is ideal. Additionally, it is a good choice for those who consider the purchase of a computer gaming desk an investment, rather than simply a nonessential purchase. This is because the price associated with this model is toward the higher end of the cost range. However, for the serious gamer who also does a significant amount of work at home, this desk is an excellent choice.

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Why Should You Invest in the Best Gaming Desk

Although most people would consider a desk an ordinary object, this is not true with regard to gaming. This is because a computer gaming desk is anything but a luxury. Rather, for serious gamers it is the area where time is spent on a continuous basis to improve their skills as well as get maximum enjoyment out of their hobby. The ideal gaming desk model will support all these endeavors and help gamers to reach their goals, whether they are professional competitors or just dedicated to their hobby.

When the perfect setup is provided for the gamer’s computer rig, its functionality is greatly improved, and therefore the gamer’s experience enhanced. The following are some good examples of how choosing the best gaming desk can improve virtually any gamer’s performance:

  • Improved Air Flow – A properly designed gaming computer desk that allows for appropriate placement of equipment improves air flow and prevents overheating during long play sessions. All gamers know that keeping a computer running at maximum potential and allowing the video card and CPU to maintain stable temperatures can only have a positive effect on their performance.
  • Comfort and Health Considerations – Because gamers spend so much time in a seated position, it is important to be comfortable. Ergonomic desks and gaming desks for professionals are specifically designed with this in mind. Additionally, devices and equipment must be easy to reach to avoid muscle strain from awkward repetitive motions and bad posture. For the healthiest gaming experience, gaming chairs are also important, as they work in harmony with ergonomically designed desks to achieve optimum comfort and healthy posture. For this reason, when choosing the best gaming desk, it is wise to simultaneously shop for a high quality chair.
  • Better Concentration – As all gamers know, concentration and the ability to focus are extremely important when competing against others or working on improving one’s own skills. This is another reason why it is imperative to invest in the perfect computer gaming desk, since an uncomfortable, cluttered desk or one that does not function in an optimum manner can actually work against the gamer and result in a disappointing play session.
  • More Space for All Equipment and Accessories – A desk that offers an adequate space is necessary as well, as being organized is important for anyone who wants to reach expert skill levels with any game.
  • Accessibility – Being able to easily reach items such as the mouse, keyboard, and all other accessories associated with gaming is a critical factor. For this reason, it is important to choose a desk based on the types of games being played and the equipment the gamer plans to use.
  • Strength and Durability – It is essential to choose a durable and sturdy desk model that will last for a significant length of time. This is because serious gamers should regard such desks as an investment, rather than an extravagance and shop for them accordingly. Although there is nothing wrong with price shopping, it is important to take many aspects into consideration rather than simply buying the least expensive model that can be found. Rather, shoppers should take longevity into consideration when selecting a gaming computer desk.

Choosing the Best Gaming Desk

It is important to carefully examine a variety of models before purchasing the best gaming desk. Things that should be taken into consideration include the type of desk, the material from which it is made, and its design and durability. Naturally, cost is also an important consideration.

  • Type – There are two primary options for those searching for a computer gaming desk: L-shaped or standard models. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the final decision ultimately depends on the gamer’s personal preferences. For example, L-shaped models typically offer more space allowing for certain devices, equipment or even work-related materials to be placed off to the side while gaming is underway.
    Traditional models usually take up minimum space and are simple, rectangular shaped desks.A third alternative is a U-shaped desk, and although such models offer generous space they are not portable and therefore not nearly as popular among gamers as other models. In addition, they are typically more costly than the aforementioned options.
  • Materials – Gaming computer desk models are manufactured from various materials, such as wood, PVC, glass, steel or those that feature a combination of materials.
    Although referred to as glass desks, the latter term usually means a desk featuring a glass top, as opposed to a desk made entirely from glass, which would not be practical. Most glass desks are supported by steel reinforced frames, but as with any glass object, breakage is possible and some consider this a drawback.
    A wood computer gaming desk is a popular option, and can be made from oak, pine or maple. Pine is a favorite among many consumers based on its affordability and its softness, the latter of which makes it easy to assemble. Those who want an attractive and warm appearance in their dwelling sometimes prefer the elegance and richness of wood.
    Gaming desks made from metal and PVC usually feature a similar design to that of glass desks. For instance, PVC is used for the tabletop and steel for the supporting frame. Many gamers prefer these materials over others, as desks made from PVC and metal are portable, but sturdy. These are two of the most important characteristics for most serious video game enthusiasts.
  • Longevity – Shoppers should also consider design when selecting a gaming computer desk, and fortunately there are many options on today’s market from which to choose.
    For example, desks with a sleek appearance and that offer maximum space appeal to certain gamers, while others prefer those with additional features such as a closed storage hutch, extra dividers, or more than the standard single drawer seen with many models.
    You should also decide between a heavy-and thus more durable model-or a lightweight model that is easy to move from room to room. The latter have the advantage of being portable, while the former usually offer better longevity.
  • Space Considerations – The amount of space the gamer has reserved for the new desk must be considered before a final purchase is made.
    The best way to avoid problems with this aspect is to simply measure the area where the gaming computer desk will be placed.
    A corner desk or L shaped model is always an option if space in the dwelling is limited, but where the player needs a generous size desk.
  • Price – Finally, you should also consider how much can you really afford to invest in the perfect desk for playing video games. For example, if you want a top quality, sophisticated desk, you will likely have to spend a bit more for the desired model.
    Someone who is merely interested in functionality would probably be happy with a simple, inexpensive desk. Professional gamers should only consider top quality options, as they will likely spend a significant amount of time using the desk.