Gaming Chair Reviews 2017

Have you ever settled in for a long gaming session only to be interrupted by pain and discomfort resulting from sitting in a chair that does not offer enough back support? If gaming is your passion and your health matters to you too, you should invest in the best gaming chair. 

However, with so many models available on the market finding the best gaming chair is not so easy.

That’s why we present you with the list of Top 10 Gaming Chairs in 2017 along with the unbiased reviews of each model and a buyer’s guide which will help you find the perfect chair for your needs.

We have scoured the market for the best gaming chair options we could find and after the long research we’ve found the following 10 gaming chairs to be the most attractive choices:

Gaming Chair Weight (lbs) Size (inches) Editor's Rating Price Our Review
dxracer gaming chair fe08 small DX Racer Racing Bucket Seat Office Gaming Chair DOH/FE08/NO 55 27 x 21 x 50 9.3 Check the
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xrocker 51396 small X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair 54 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 8.5 Check the
Current Price
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dxracer gaming chair fd99 small DX Racer FD99/NR Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat 55 27 x 21 x 50 9 Check the
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xrocker 51491 small X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair with Audio System 24.6 26 x 17.5 x 17 8.2 Check the
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dxracer gaming chair rj001 small DX Racer DOH/RJ001/NP Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat 55 27 x 21 x 50 8.9 Check the
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xrocker commander small X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair 43 27.5 x 22 x 21 8 Check the
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dxracer fd01 small DXRacer OH/FD01/GN Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat 55 27 x 21 x 50 8.3 Check the
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arozzi enzo small Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing 37.5 26.8 x 15.3 x 34.6 7.9 Check the
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merax gaming chair small Merax Multi-directional Ergonomic Design Office Chair 61 54 x 26 x 12 7.7 Check the
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cohesion xp small Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio 19.5 19 x 17.9 x 17 7.5 Check the
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Reviews of the 10 Best PC Gaming Chairs

1. DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO Racing Bucket Seat Gaming Chair

The number one gaming chair on our list is dxracer gaming chair fe08the DXRacer FE08 Newedge Edition Gaming Chair, which is great for those seeking luxury. It is hands down the best PC gaming chair available due to its adjustability and ergonomic design. In addition, this chair features a design that makes it easy to focus on long gaming sessions.

The base of the chair is a swivel design that features double caster wheels that make it easy to roll the chair around. It is comprised of a heavy duty aluminum material that adds stability to the chair. The top of each wheel includes a foot rest for additional comfort. The back of the chair is high enough to offer great head support, and it comes with an adjustable head and neck pillow for added support. The seat is fully adjustable, including the ability to adjust the back itself, the lumbar support, and the armrest. This DXRacer gaming chair is complete with a tilt mechanism, which allows you to recline while gaming or take a relaxing nap after an eight hour dungeon crawl.

  • Great, sturdy construction from the material of the seat to the strong aluminum base
  • Perfectly adjustable to compliment any gaming desk
  • Comfortable lumbar support
  • Footrests at the base of the chair
  • It has an ergonomic, yet aerodynamic design
  • The tilting mechanism does not lock in place
  • The padding on the chair is inconsistent
  • The armrests seem a bit less durable than the rest of the chair


dxracer gaming chair fe08This DXRacer gaming chair is one of a large range of exceptional gaming chairs that are available on the market today that keep PC gaming in mind. This chair is comfortable, reliable, and best of all it is supportive for every body type. Since DXRacer built the chair to last, they have included a lifetime warranty on the frame of the chair with its purchase. It also comes with a two year warranty on all of the parts, such as the adjustment knobs and the casters.

This gaming computer chair is available in ten different color options. The main part of the chair is mainly black, but the detailed racing stripes and trim comes in colors such as green, orange, pink, and red. The DXRacer Newedge Edition Gaming Chair is available on Amazon for less than $400.

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2. X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

When it comes to console gaming, no chair xrocker 51396steps up to the plate like the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair. This sleekly designed gaming chair is made from a beautiful leather material and is designed to fit the décor of any room. It offers such comfort that you may find yourself using it for more than your daily gaming sessions.

This is one of the best gaming chair options when it comes to ergonomic design. It also features a raised pedestal base that tilts and swivels for additional comfort. The gunstock armrests add a bit of personality to the chair while offering additional support. This chair has a built-in receiver as well as a wireless transmitter that that allows you to hear sound from any audio device right through the speakers of the chair.

When it comes to sound, this gaming chair is like no other. It features two hidden speakers that are located in the head rest and an additional subwoofer that enables you to feel the music. Ace Bayou’s innovative Audio Force Modulation Technology truly takes your gaming experience to a new level where the volume and the bass can be controlled by separate knobs right on the chair. In addition, you can connect multiple chairs to have an ultimate multi-player gaming session.

  • Awesome built-in sound and vibration system
  • Great ergonomic design that offers back support
  • Swivelling base adds height and comfort to the chair
  • Headphone, input, and output jacks are located in a convenient easy to reach location next to the volume control
  • The support cushion tends to wear over time
  • Power adapter is not included for the wireless transmitter
  • Lean back with this chair is a bit limited


xrocker 51396The X Rocker 51396 Pro Series is one of the more comfortable gaming chair options available today. It features a high back and lumbar support that is great for every body type. Additionally, the sound from the built-in speakers truly offers an immersive experience, especially when the sound is cranked up to the point where the vibration feature turns on. You will feel like you are in the game instead of simply playing it. This gaming chair comes in a sleek black leather style that can be purchased on Amazon for less than $300.

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3. DXRacer DOH/FD99/NR Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Gaming Chair

The DXRacer FD99 Newedge Edition Gaming Chairdxracer gaming chair fd99 is another example of the best PC gaming chair options that are available from DXRacer. When it comes to comfort and support, few leading brands stand with more than one selection that ranks in the top five gaming computer chair options. The patent race car bucket seat is designed from a breathable mesh vinyl combination that adds comfort and is extremely breathable.

This DXRacer gaming chair is designed with ergonomics in mind. The high head rest offers additional neck and head support, while the added lumbar supports good posture. The seat back is fully adjustable, and it even comes with an attachable headrest support cushion. The armrest of this chair is also fully adjustable to eight different levels that add extra comfort to your wrists and shoulders.

The base of this DXRacer gaming chair features a relatively new design that is both sturdy and practical. Footrests are located on each of the five wheel bases to offer a place to relax your feet while gaming. The height of the chair is fully adjustable to accommodate taller individuals, and this gaming computer chair is capable rocking of up to 12 degrees. The back is able to tilt at up to 170 degrees, which means you can easily lay back and relax during your gaming breaks.

  • Built with high quality materials that are extremely comfortable
  • Footrest incorporated right on to the base of the chair
  • Ergonomic design with great lumbar support
  • Fully adjustable to offer the best comfort options
  • May not be comfortable for people who like to keep their legs apart while gaming
  • The padding in the seat is not quite the same thickness as the back of the chair


dxracer gaming chair fd99This DXRacer gaming chair offers top of the line comfort and support to PC gamers. It can be difficult to decide upon a specific gaming chair, but the aesthetic design and the ergonomics of this specific model is definitely one of the best. In addition to all of the features that you will love, this chair comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame of the chair and the smaller parts are under a two year extended warranty as well. This chair is one of the best PC gaming chair options that is available at such a great price point, which oscillates around $300.

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4. X Rocker 51491 Extreme III 2.0 Gaming Rocker Chair with Audio System

As the next entry under the top five on this listxrocker 51491, the X Rocker Extreme III is another high end gaming chair that is designed with console gaming in mind. It shows the true durability of the X Rocker brand and the fact that the comfortability of their customers is at the top of their priority list. This specific model is a bit closer to the ground than the others on our list so far, but that makes it the perfect gaming chair for children, teenagers, and smaller statured individuals.

The seat itself is comprised of a durable mesh and foam backed polyester material that is very breathable and comfortable. The ergonomic design offers full back and lumbar support that encourages good posture during gaming sessions. The X Rocker Extreme III is designed to be easy to use. Volume controls as well as input and output jacks are right in arms reach on the side of the chair.

This gaming chair features a 2.0 built-in set of surround sound speakers that not only allow you to hear the game, but it adds in a vibration system when the volume is at a certain level. Both of these systems combine to give you an optimal gaming experience that you will hear as well as feel. This fully immersing sound system is great for gaming of course, but it is also excellent for listening to music and watching movies as well. In addition to great built-in sound options, this gaming chair can be linked to any audio device by simply utilizing the output jack. The best feature is that this chair can be connected to other gaming chairs of this type to bring you an ultimate multi-player gaming experience.

  • A great chair for children and teenagers to use while gaming or watching something on the television
  • Top of the line built-in sound and vibration system
  • Convenient volume control and headphone jack locations
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • The head cushion is not as comfortable as the rest of the chair
  • May not be comfortable for larger statured individuals


xrocker 51491As one of the better known gaming chair brands on the market, the X Rocker continues to make quality chairs for our comfort. This specific chair may be designed for smaller individuals, but it is still a top of the line option that has an exceptional built-in sound system. The X Rocker Extreme III is available on Amazon for about $90, which is an outstanding price point considering the built in sound system of this chair.

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5. DXRacer DOH/RJ001/NP Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat

The RJ001 Newedge is one of DXRacer’s dxracer gaming chair rj001more aesthetically unique looking computer chairs for gaming. Combining the look of a racecar seat with a comfortable computer chair that is designed to power hours of gaming was no easy proposition, but DXRacer managed this feat with the RJ001 Newedge. This is a perfect gaming chair for someone looking to add a sense of style and aerodynamics to their computer area.

This chair is coated in ultra-comfortable PU leather, which is also called bycast leather. This blend of leather and polyurethane is consistently comfortable, easy to clean and maintain, and extremely durable. While it may not age as well as untreated leather, PU leather is perfect when used for a gaming chair as it lasts for years and resists wear and tear.

This chair also has one of the highest backrests for a PC gaming chair. This added support is all the more noticeable when considering that this chair reclines to 170 degrees, which is a great angle for when you need to rest your eyes during a raid or FPS shoot fest.

This is a great chair for support as well as comfortable ergonomics. The armrest, seat, and back are all fully adjustable and a lumbar cushion and headrest pillow come with the purchase of the chair. The cushioning is firm, which dependent on personal preferences, can be a positive or negative.

  • Cool, space age design that catches the eye
  • This chair is tall and supports the neck and back excellently
  • The lower lumbar pillow has a great texture for long hours of coding or gaming
  • The leather is easy to clean due to the unique PU material
  • The armrests aren’t as comfortable as they could be
  • Not as many color options as some of its contemporaries


dxracer gaming chair rj001DXRacer makes some of the most top of the line computer chairs and the RJ001 Newedge is no exception. This chair is comfortable, supportive, and really helps make those long gaming slogs much easier; especially when using the added pillows that come with it. Also, the adjustability and additional features like the footrest really make this a hard chair not to get comfortable in. You can find this DXRacer gaming chair on Amazon for below $400.

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6. X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

X Rocker has become synonymous with qualityxrocker commander construction, additional functionality, and futuristic design. The Commander 2.1 continues this great tradition with style and aplomb. Clearly designed with an attention to ergonomics, the Commander 2.1 has a suite of features that makes it the perfect chair for a gamer who is also seeking versatility. Not only is this chair great for PC or console gaming, but it also serves equally well for simply listening to music or even enjoying a good book.

As with all of the X Rocker line of computer chairs for gaming, the Commander 2.1 has a built-in set of speakers. The sound that is generated by these is crisp, clear, and supported by a built-in amplifier. As a result of this three speaker setup, sound generated from any source has all the levels of realism you need for a truly immersive experience.

xrocker commanderTo gain this level of immersion, the Commander 2.1 has a miniature control box imbedded in its side. This includes a dual set of white and red RCA inputs, a volume control, and dual 3.5 inch in and out audio jacks. The RCAs are designed for connection with either a console or PC sound system, and the 3.5 inch jacks are designed to either attach a set of PC speakers or to plug in an external device such as a phone, CD player, or MP3 player.

  • This gaming chair has amazing, built-in audio, with thrumming bass
  • It tends to fit gamers of varying physical dimensions
  • The chair is comfortable and supportive enough to be used outside of gaming
  • The seat fabric is a very breathable polyester that stays cool no matter what
  • The chair is not very soft
  • It doesn’t have wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • The bass can get really loud and be surprising under certain circumstances


xrocker commanderThis is a great chair for a game room. While it’s not as great for PC gaming as console gaming, it certainly makes for an exceptional gaming experience no matter your platform. This is one of the few on this list that you might utilize even when not gaming as it’s ergonomic design is perfect for playing an instrument, watching TV, or simply plugging in a CD player and relaxing to some tunes.

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7. DXRacer OH/FD01/GN Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat

As should be readily apparent by some of thedxracer gaming chair fd01 entries on our list, DXRacer makes some of the best computer chairs for gaming on the market today. This DXRacer gaming chair maintains this austere tradition by keeping quality construction, back support, and stylish design central to its core features. This gaming chair is perfect for our list as it provides a superb gaming experience, even when used for extended periods of time.

Many chairs utilize either faux or authentic leather in their design. While these are great, comfortable materials, sometimes they can feel sweaty when used during marathon eight hour gaming sessions. What makes the Newedge FD01 so remarkable is that DXRacer used a suede-styled material in its construction. The result is a comfortable, breathable material that stands up well after much use.

Another great feature of this gaming chair is the fact that it has comfortable footrests poised on each of the five support legs on the base. This provides a comfy place to put your feet when you’re gaming, which is a vastly underrated feature in gaming chairs.

Since every gamer has different preferences and dimensions, the armrests on this gaming chair are also fully adjustable. This coupled with this chairs fully adjustable back and seat flexibility, makes this one of the more personally customizable chairs on the market today.

  • This chair is coated in a unique suede-like material that breathes well
  • It has footrests aligned along the base that provide a comfortable place to put your feet
  • This chair has great lumbar and back support
  • No tilt lock
  • The wings on the base have a hard metal piping in them; can be uncomfortable if you don’t sit at a precise posture


dxracer gaming chair fd01It’s hard to say which of DXRacer’s seating line is the best PC gaming chair, but it’s very clear that the company has a wide array of options for nearly every gamer. This version of the Newedge Edition provides a comfortable, yet supportive gaming experience without the user having to worry about sweaty materials making that four hour long raid wetter than is generally preferred. This DXRacer computer chair features footrests are also a great addition. This ensures that shorter statured players don’t experience uncomfortable leg dangling while using the chair and taller players have someplace comfortable to put their feet.

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8. Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Chair

Designed to emulate the aesthetic of the seatsarozzi enzo used in champion motorsports, the Arozzi Enzo series of gaming chairs offer a great level of comfort while also providing extensive support for nearly any sized gamer. This chair is a great PC or console chair as it provides just the right amount of ergonomic support for extended gaming marathons.

Upon the first glance at the Arozzi Enzo, you might notice just how plush the seat and backing of this chair looks. This chair is certainly well padded which is certainly a plus, especially considering the types of marathons gamers engage in.

The second feature that you might notice is the fact that Arozzi took meticulous time padding the armrests in a similar fashion to the seat and back structures. This is particularly impressive considering that many of even the best PC gaming chair manufacturers don’t think to add extended comfort to the armrests and oftentimes this part of the chair is simply molded foam.

The faux leather of this chair is also very attractive and comfortable. Arozzi did a great job of finding the perfect blend of synthetic leather that breaths just enough so that the user doesn’t find it overly sweaty and uncomfortable after extended use.

Insofar as aesthetics, this one has some great physical features as well. As we’ve mentioned before, Arozzi based the lines of this chair on the chairs used in champion motorsports. The result of this design decision is that the Enzo has a very sleek, aerodynamic look that isn’t simply a DXRacer gaming chair look alike. The armrests look great as well, with a rounded edged triangular shape that is pleasant to look at

  • This chair is very well padded
  • Officially supports at least 270 pounds of weight
  • Stylish and comfortable armrests
  • The hole under the headrest can snag on hair
  • Not as many available color options as other gaming chairs of this type


arozzi enzoThe Arozzi Enzo is an overall great gaming computer chair. It has some of the best cushioning on our list, and like many of the chairs that we’ve mentioned, this chair is perfect for extended hours of dungeon slogging, FPSing, or raiding. While this chair is primarily designed for PC gaming and office work, due to its well cushioned surfaces, it makes a great chair to set up in a den for XBOX One or PS4 playing as well. Usually offered for slightly less than $200 on Amazon, this chair is also very reasonably priced.

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9. Merax Multi-directional Ergonomic Design Office Chair

While definitely a great gaming chair, merax gaming chairMerax designed this seating option with multiple purposes in mind. Labeled also as a “napping chair”, this office style seating is the only one on our list that has an extendable leg rest for when you need to take a break after that last 20 hour dungeon crawl.

When it comes to design aesthetic, this chair resembles a DXRacer gaming chair. While it isn’t released by DXRacer, its build quality and gaming support are certainly reminiscent of that brand.

This chair has been clearly designed with comfortability in mind. This gaming computer chair is comprised of ultra comfortable synthetic leather containing a cold cure foam filling that is soft yet provides a supportive seating experience. To add a little comfort and back support, this chair also features lumbar and neck pillows for a more enjoyable gaming experience. The additional support pillows only enhance the physical comfort provided by the materials which comprise this chair.

This chair also reclines excellently as well. In full “napping mode” the chair reclines to an impressive 180 degrees. This functionality is why this is the best PC gaming chair for taking a break between raid instances.

  • The fact that this is also a “Napping Chair” is a great approach to minimizing gaming fatigue
  • You can say goodbye to lower back pain with the additional, included support pillows
  • The faux leather and padding in this chair adds a level of comfort that can be lacking in gaming exclusive seating
  • The extendable footrest is not just good for napping, but functions really well as a way to put your legs up and play some console games
  • Sits at a nearly 90 degree orientation, which may be slightly uncomfortable
  • This chair can be cumbersome for larger gamers


merax gaming chairMerax did a great job in the construction of this chair. It has all the support gamers need for long hours of PC gaming, and it even performs well if you want to veg out in front of a console from time to time. The napping aspect of this chair is also fairly unique. Gamers can simply extend the leg rest, and recline the seat to a full 180 degrees and relax in between gaming sessions, in the same chair that they were gaming in. This chair is available on Amazon for less than $300, which is quite a steal considering all the features that this chair offers.

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10. Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

For the final entry on our list, the Cohesion XP 2.1cohesion xp is an exceedingly great gaming chair despite its number ten ranking. As with several of the other seating options on our list, this ergonomic chair has been designed with gaming as an almost exclusive motivation. As a result of this focused design, the chair has a uniquely simple, yet gamer friendly aesthetic that brings the price down to one of the lowest costing gaming chairs on our list.

As a dedicated console gaming chair, this unit has built in speakers near where you rest your head. These are positioned directly on each side of the headrest and provide a robust, clear sound. While there is no bass to add mood to your gaming music, these speakers are more than adequate to immerse you in your gaming experience.

Along the bottom right of the chair is a small console that houses the volume control as well as in and out jacks. Cohesion gives you the option of plugging in directly into your console of choice, attaching a set of headphones, or even sending your gaming sounds to an external set of speakers. This versatility helps add a bit of functionality to this chair which admitted doesn’t have a lot of additional features.

As mentioned above, this chair is one of the most portable on our list. It folds neatly in half for easy storage and transportation and weighs a relatively light 18 pounds.

  • Great set of speakers included
  • Easy to carry from place to place
  • Volume control and 3.5 inch jacks
  • Comfortable Construction and decent padding
  • Folds neatly making it easy to store
  • Due to its low to the ground nature and height, this chair is best suited for smaller people or children
  • As a result of bring battery powered, this chair can get expensive
  • The headrest isn’t as soft as the cushions


cohesion xpIf you are looking for a gaming chair for a young gamer, this is the right choice. For the low price point, this is the best gaming chair listed for less than $100 on Amazon. It also stores better than almost any other gaming chair on our list. Also, with the exception of the semi-soft headrest, which some may like, this chair is exceedingly comfortable and grants a lot of support.

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Why Get The Best PC Gaming Chair?

Buying a computer chair specifically designed for gaming has many advantages. You will not only be able to enjoy the extra comfort while immersed in a game; you will also be able to enjoy the comfort and the added features while enjoying a movie. Of course comfort is the main reason to get a gaming computer chair, but for what other reasons should you consider this a worthwhile investment?

  • A Great Way to Save Money – Think about the number of chairs you have purchased in the past. Many chairs that are not specifically computer chairs for gaming tend to lack the cushioning and the longevity that some of the best computer chairs for gaming offer. Simply put, they are not designed well enough to withstand being used for extended gaming sessions on a regular basis. As a result, the chair begins to wear out, and another one will need to replace it. A gaming computer chair is built to last; so in effect, you will save money.
  • Ergonomic Design – Gaming chairs are designed to offer you support and eliminate the aches and pains that are often associated with sitting in the same position for an extended amount of time. Having a good gaming chair in combination with a good gaming desk will help you maintain a good posture that will not injure your back or cause you to have back pain at an early age.
  • No Annoying Headphone Wires – Wired headphones can become tangled and annoying while gaming. Wire shortages are a fact of life, and wearing headphones for a long time can cause your ears to get sore. The best PC gaming chair options often have built-in speakers as well as headphone ports to utilize. There are also options to control the sound right on many gaming computer chairs.
  • Space Saving – One of the best features of a gaming chair is the fact that it can be a permanent part of your living area, or it can be a chair that you use only for gaming. When the chair is not being used it can be folded up and placed in a place that will not clutter your living space.
  • Optimal Gaming Experience – Having one of the best gaming chair options on the market will ultimately give you a nearly unforgettable gaming experience. The surround sound options that often come straight from the chair will have you immersed in no time, and the level of comfort will keep you game ready for hours without any stiffness or discomfort involved.
  • Easily Cleaned – Snacking and gaming often go hand in hand, and that leads to crumbs and possible stains on the furniture you are gaming from. Many gaming chairs are designed to be simply wiped clean, and they will not fade like traditional leather furniture might.

The Best Gaming Chair for your Needs – How to Choose One

Gaming chairs differ from one another greatly, especially when they are designed for a specific style of gaming. Some gaming chairs are designed with PC gaming in mind, while other are better for console gaming. Obviously, whether your gaming utilizes a desk is a major consideration when it comes to choosing the best gaming chair, but what features about the chair specifically should you consider?

  • Design and Style – Design and style are important considerations when it comes to any new piece of furniture. Think how gaudy a red room can become when you start placing bright yellow or green chairs in the area. You want your gaming area to have an aesthetic that makes it a soothing place to relax. A flashy chair may be perfect for some, but others may prefer a classic leather style.
  • Ergonomics and Comfort – Every gamer has a different body type, which means that computer chairs for gaming must also vary to accommodate everyone. The best type of chair is one that is completely adjustable. If the chair you are considering purchasing does not fully adjust; then make sure that it fits your specific body type. Some of the main considerations should be the height of the chair, the lumbar support, the height of the armrests, and the leg and foot support options. The bottom line is that you need a chair that is comfortable for your body type.
  • Material of the Chair – The best PC gaming chair options are often comprised from two different types of material. The first is a leather material that looks great in most gaming areas, but it retains heat. If you are a person who tends to get sweaty and hot during your gaming sessions, you may not be comfortable in a leather chair where your skin may stick to the material of the seat. The other common type of material that gaming chairs are made from is a mesh option. This material is much more breathable that the leather option, but it could leave a person who tends to get a chill feeling like they are playing in the arctic.
  • Chair Size and Dimensions – Some chairs are designed specifically with smaller statured individuals in mind. A chair that is designed for a smaller teenager may not be the best fit for a larger individual. Nothing is more annoying than leg cramps when you are deep into a gaming session, so make sure the chair you purchase has an optimal fit for your body type.
  • Innovative Features – If you are looking for a surround sound gaming experience that is completely immersive, then you may want to make sure the gaming chair you select has high quality built-in speakers. Some chairs come with side pockets to hold snacks and a cup holder for your Big Gulp, while others are more designed for comfort and come complete with a foot rest and a pillow.
  • Storage and Maneuverability – A great gaming chair should be able to be moved around with ease. Each individual should be able to decide whether they wish to have the chair close to the television or farther away. Being able to store the gaming chair in another room is a must for some, especially if they entertain a lot. Consider your space requirements before deciding which chair will work best for you.