“Birds of a Feather?”: Leyou Buys Splash Damage

There are cunning plans, and then there are cunning plans. There is carving your name into a bullet to prevent there being another bullet with your name on it, and then there is buying a video game developer when your business is in poultry production. The differences are not clear, as both plans would be completely suitable as sitcom gags. One is bawking mad, and the other is Baldrick’s.  The main difference is that the latter has seriously happened.

splash damage chicken meat

Source: www.newhdwallpaper.in

Leyou, a Chinese company engaged in raising and slaughtering chickens, has bought Splash Damage, the London-based developer behind Wolfenstein and Gears of War 4. The purchase would appear to the average person to be as shrewd as a monk hiding a nun under his habit, but the brilliant bit is that this is the second game developer Leyou has purchased.

Two years ago Leyou, then called Sumpo Food Ltd., acquired a majority share of the Canadian developer Digital Extremes. A person of a meaner sense of humor may be tempted here to make a remark about Leyou crossing to the other side, but there is no problem with wanting to be free range.

Rotten punning aside, one has to ask about the reasoning behind Leyou’s coups, because the connection between the two is thin like a cat’s alibi. The answer, like every answer, is simple: money. Chickens bring higher revenue, games a higher gross profit.

This is the second difference from Baldrick’s plans: it is successful. So, we have no right o cluck, nor to make too many jokes about it. And then, with the success of owning Digital Extremes, Leyou felt egged on to make purchase another developer. Now the meat of their profit comes from games, not poultry. It is a new feudal system where the slaughtering of pixels pays for the slaughtering of chickens. All in all, then, the purchase was a brilliant plan.

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