5 Reasons Why You Should Play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt NOW

The Witcher 3 has been voted one of the best games ever created. All major gaming sites gave it top notes and now, nearly one year later after its release, the whole hype around the adventures of Geralt does not seem to weaken. In fact, it is undeniable truth that Witcher is a great game. In case you haven’t played it, below are the reasons why you should correct your mistake now and get your hands on this masterpiece. Warning: your social life may suffer a lot!


1) The Size

This game is massive. In a GameSpot exclusive interview, the people who worked on the game announced that it would be “20% larger than Skyrim”. That is incredible. There are rolling hills, coastal towns, dark forests, dank caves, and more than this one list can contain. The size of a world has become the key to drawing players in, offering large landscapes to explore and discover how everything works together instead of a set of rules dictating the player to go one place or another without wondering what life could be like on the other side of the mountain after all.


2) The Beauty

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game that matches its size with attention to detail. Not only is the world large, it is beautiful. If it weren’t for all the things trying to attack and kill you, it would be worth the price of admission to ride your horse from coast to coast, watching the scenery change around you.

The towns and people all look different and unique, and it lets the player remember for just a moment that they are jumping into a story that feels like real life instead of just a game.


3) The Story

A lot of games on the market try to layer on all the things above and hit its player with a story so over-the-top that it loses its believability. The Witcher 3 takes it’s story and grounds it in such a real and immersive experience that it draws you in with a grace and elegance of a good book or a powerful Netflix binge.

By CD Projekt RED‘s guess, it would take 100 hours to finish the game. Half of that time is counting how long it would take to finish just the non-essential side quests. You essentially get the whole main story and enough side stories to double the amount of time you have to play the game.

witcher3 02


4) The Choices

Oh the choices. The things Geralt of Rivia can do is incredible. The dialogue and story are perfectly told and paced to keep everything interesting. There are times when you will be leaning close, trying to pick up on subtle cues in NPC’s body language and pick up a few non-spoken thoughts and feelings. Some characters only give you short amount of time before you have to pick an answer that could satiate them or start a brawl in the middle of town.

There is also a big degree of character customization. There are more weapons, armor, and other knick-knacks for Geralt to wear that it could make your head spin trying to decide which ones to use. Not to mention the different potions.


5) The Hair

Lastly, the hair. It is mesmerizing. It is entrancing. And it is white. The game runs on REDengine 3 and not only does that let everything populate the world beautifully, but it gives Geralt hair that flows and bounces as he talks and the wind blows around. Often, you could get stuck focusing on it, wondering how they got the physics of tiny pieces of hair just right, but then you remember that there is a large, axe-wielding trying to kill you, so you tell yourself you can focus on the hair during the next cinematic cut scene.

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