5 Most Desired Locations for GTA VI

It’s an amazing testament to how great a game GTA V was that it is still being picked up and played over two and a half years after it’s release. There’s no doubt that the sheer size of the city and region alongside the plethora of fascinating and memorable characters will ensure that it is rightly recorded in the history books as a genuine modern day classic. But what next for the series, and perhaps most important of all where could GTA VI be set? Here’s a run through of five of the most talked about destinations that may just be next on the GTA hit list.




Japanese gangsters have made an occasional appearance here and there throughout the GTA series of games, and it’s not without reason that the Japanese capital city could provide a great stage. A bustling metropolis with highly distinctive areas, including luscious countryside and vast numbers of eye boggling skyscrapers, Tokyo would offer a major shift in direction for the otherwise largely US-centric game. It would be a bold move that would be ideal should the developers opt to place the game slightly in the near future too….


Currently the bookmaker’s choice for most likely destination should Rockstar take the series overseas, London was featured in GTA many years ago back when the game was still a top-down 2D racer. There’s no doubt London could offer a wide range of great characters – after all British gangsters are well known in global media, and nobody makes a baddie like an Englishman can! Offering world recognizable buildings, and also the rolling English countryside too, London would also pay homage to the game’s original British roots (Rockstar started off as a UK company after all).

Hong Kong

A great choice is the developers decide to take the game in kung-fu based Jackie Chan territory, Hong Kong would be a great destination thanks to the variety of environments it could offer the player to explore. From teeming crumbling streets to grand modern plazas and malls, this would also offer great potential for plenty of seaborne missions too.




Gritty, lively, full of character and potential opting for this grand old city would certainly also be the safer option for Rockstar – however it may be at risk of being a little similar too GTA IV and V in overall style. There’s great potential in the sense of exploring the wilderness outside the city, a rough vibe that will be perfect for classic gangster style chaos – and a very bold option should Rockstar decide to make the game based in a vintage setting rather than in the present day.

Vice City

The much loved Vice City is one of the most popular versions of GTA even today, with many fans having said that they’d love to replay the city with new missions in full glorious HD. Popular as it was such a well laid out yet challenging city to explore, it would also offer the chance for some much loved old characters to make a cameo or two. Rockstar aren’t usually in the mood for turning back the clock, but if they opt for a multi time period setting you can bet Vice City would take the prize for being the main region.

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